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  • Narutorpng takes place about 35 years after what we dubbed the 4th Great Shinobi war. Madara and his army was defeated, as well as Kabuto and what he was planning on doing as the new snake. Naruto has taken his rightful place as the 6th Hokage, and has settled down quite a bit with Hinata. People such as Sakura have taken up high ranking position in Konoha, and as for Sasuke well he has perished by the hands of Naruto when he refused to come back to Konoha.

    A great era of peace has unfolded and not much happens anymore except the occasional villain popping up to get shot down. What you have to ask yourself is what will you be? Do you want to try and be the worlds next great evil like Madara and succeed in your evil plans? Or do you want to become a villages great warrior whom defends good from evil? In the end the choice in yours in this new world as the Next Generation.

    Check us out some time if you're interested in Naruto RPing

    Note: This is an RP for people of all levels from new RPer to experienced so don't worry if it's your first time or hundredth time.
    That depends of if you go by the games or the manga. In the manga, Blue is the girl who in the FR/LG saga wears the cloths of the female protagonist from FR/LG, thus she is Blue.
    Just thought I'd tell you that you made a mistake in your signature. That female playable character is Leaf, not Blue. Blue is the rival from R/B/Y/FR/LG and the sixteenth Gym Leader in G/S/C/HG/SS.
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