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Recent content by poke master gunther

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    How did you react when you first saw Miror B.?

    Coloseum: are these two guys all the bad guys in the game, whoa that guys hair is awesome i bet he uses really cool pokemon The battle in the cave: 2 ludicolos whats next another ludicolo and another ludicolo HOLY CRAP a sudowoodo
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    Your favourite villianous team?

    i like cipher because they are the only team to suceed in their plans and they create shadow pokemon, have their own island and are in control of my favorite area the underground
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    Why do you still play Pokemon?

    I dont know why exactly, i guess because it was the first game i ever played other than mario golf and tetris on my old game boy when i was really young and it is one of the best games ive ever played and it can be different every time i do a playthrough
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    Please rate my team

    My team is Empoleon Lucario Infernape Electivire Salamance Skamory
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    Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

    i just hope that this means there will finally be a dark type gym its been 32 different gyms and weve still hadnt had a dark type gym
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    New Pokémon Discussion/Speculation Thread

    Now that i think about it this is the first time they ever released 2 generations on the same system but who cares about that Zorark loks awesome
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    New Pokémon Discussion/Speculation Thread

    i believe it is a real pokemon because as Serebii said they usually start as cell phone pics
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    Favorite Colosseum to Battle in?

    my favorite colesseum is lagoon colesseum
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    That insanely awesome announcer is insanely awesome.

    my favorite saying has to be when i fought a dialga and it was confused and knocked itself out he said "dialga made a self destructive decision, hes down"
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    What does the @ stand for on PBR Wifi?

    thats actuallly a really clever idea if it actually is a secret symbol saying their recording
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    note to whoever keeps merging threads instead of deleting

    Pokemon you want to see in the 5th gen give ideas for evolutions and cool new pokemon for the 5th generation I really want to see a new evolution of dunsparce and some morepowerful fire pokemon
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    New Pokémon Discussion/Speculation Thread

    i find it hard to believe that they would try and give us a pre evo/evo of an old pokemon for the first pokemon of a generation again, i think it will be a standalone pokemon and will be dark/fire like hellmetals thats just my feeling, and hello riolucario
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    Christmas 2009! Complete set

    very good keep it up flame claw
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    Which Pokemon can't you train because you don't have the patience?

    any pokemon that evolves after level 50 and dosent get many good moves until it evolves