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  • Thanks bro that's why i chose this HUGE yamma or whatever it's called avatar, to show my regal qualities!!
    Please go back to the free will thread and see my latest response... and a bad attempt at humor :D
    Just a few random ones, don't post as much as I used to, but used to post on EA, Sortitoutsi and a few other random football ones.
    Hey-hey, loooooooong-time-no-see, ay? I thought you'd pretty much disapeared since Blazed Island shut down, but I see oyu were active here only yesterday... How are you?
    ................... I swear I replied to your "Hi" the day you sent it... I SWEAR. D:

    Looks like Serebii ate it though. DDDD:

    Hola anywho, amigo.
    you don't need to send me one if you don't want to I don't wanna either until you learn to know me ^_^ well enough to do so.
    oh by the way people nowadays befriend me >_> most of the friends I have befriended me >_> like every day the second I get on i see you notifacations 11 ect.) ^ incoming friends request (S) is always one of them your cool I know I have seen you around the forums ^_^ ever seen me around the forums?
    hey there ^_^ I'm bored so i'm sending you a random message seeing I don't know you you can't post on my profile cause I limit my messages to friends and moderaters, so you'll have to answer me by tallking to me on your own profile ;) maybe we will get to know eachother here better and nice user title
    Alright, for the sake of this, I'll go off your logic. Do you know all of the 1000+ I've friended? No? So why can you tell me what they're like?
    Lucky... or does your secondary school go up to 12th grade or how does that work. Anyways I've decided I am going to re-write Viridian Psychos!
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