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  • I'm SICK! *closes curtains behind bed, puts tinted screen cover on so that the monitor doesn't hurt my eyes*
    Well thanks :]

    That quote is rule #7 of Jim Sterling's "10 golden rules of Online Gaming" an article I find to be quite hilarious.
    Yeah, whoop de friggin' do...
    I don't really care too much about my own birthday, except for the fact that I now have eight years before I pull the plug for good. Of course, if I manage to better myself in life, I might reconsider. Still, the maximum age that I can tolerate will be 40; afterwards, it'll be game over permanently, because I don't want to suffer the side effects of old-age.
    My first response was "I wouldn't have time" then I remembered there are only four stories on there, so...
    What exactly do you have to do?
    Do you think if I posted JAJ they'd mod me just like that?
    LOL I followed the link inyour sig :D You're the fan fic mod?!?! I agree with pretty much all your posts on there, and some of those people really can't take the truth, I mean, that guy with the burnt Glameow story, he posts the same thing with the same mistakes on every pokemon forum I know!
    BTW Zeus? And your user title? Is someone a touch power-mad? ^_^
    Thanks, but you said you're not that good! I'm losing miserably LOL, I'll be more of a match once my sandroom team's finished.

    BTW, You don't have the volume on do you? eh he....
    Hi, I just got your VM, I'm okay to battle whenevr you are, just send me a VM if you want to :) (BTW, my FC's in my sig, but the team on the card isn't the team I'll be using, that ones still in construction).
    Only in the 9th grade? rofl. Well, one step at a time now, lol. You'll get things done eventually.

    Hate to cut the conversation short, but I'm going to head to the library soon. xP Must return a few things, and somehow come back without anything in hand. (Since I'm moving away, I can't check anything out. T-T)

    Hope your day gets better~.

    loves, Icy.
    Oh, I see. They're a bit of a drama llama, eh? lol

    Well, already I'm starting to like it, so I hope it gets better. ^^

    Aw, maybe you should find something to do. Something you enjoy, other than writing. I woke up in such a crappy mood today because my parents kept yelling at me, but since I've been listening to Hans Zimmer's music, Les Miserables, and reading my favorite book series, I've been a whole lot better. ^-^ So maybe go watch a musical or find a nice soundtrack you like and listen to it... that might help you be in a better mood. :)
    Biting your head off? Well, don't let it get to you. I've had people do that to me too, and generally what it boils down to is the person not having anything better to do than dog you, lol. What are they biting your head off for though?

    Meh, been doing a little bit of this and that, pretty much preparing myself for college. I leave Wednesday to move in. I'm so excited and yet nervous. >.>

    Oh, and I saw my friends for one last time last night. We partied all night pretty much. I got like three hours of sleep. xD
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