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  • Well, if you don't add examples and a thorough explanation, then the author can't really improve and that pisses them off. I'd be annoyed too if people kept telling me to improve on something, but expect me to figure it out all on my own.

    I do know what you mean, though. If there's something I've dealt with, then it's reviewers attacking me over one of my reviews.

    Aw, I don't really do the whole 'friend request' thing much. I mostly add people I know really well if they want me to, but that's about it. XD
    I don't think that one was particularly harsh, though I would have included some examples for the things you pointed out. Especially when it comes to sentence structure and flow. That's hard to improve on if you don't know how to. :)
    The way I do it is I only comment on the fic and the author's writing abilities, not the author themselves. So 'this part of the grammar is off' not 'you fail at grammar, because...'. You're reviewing the fic, not the author. That's the way I see it, anyway.
    Probably tell him to stick it with the rest of the bullsh- I mean, put it in with the rest of wherever he keeps his ego and speeches.
    Aw, thank you. I wish I knew, too, but unfortunately I have yet to receive an answer on that. ;) Perhaps it's the fact that I'm honest about things.

    Bless. I'm nothing special, trust me, there's more suitable people to want to be like. XD Thank you for such a lovely comment, though.
    I'd say something, if only you had told me this sooner :< it is on the tip of my tongue but alas. But what everyone forgets is I was not the first to review harshly, I will not be the last, but I will be the only one to not hide it..

    That and you, compared to me? Were they smoking something?

    Edit: But take it as a compliment, if they were trying to insult you, it only pisses people off more.
    Hey, I'm gonna go ahead and post Chapter 13 because if Serebii descides to lag then I won't have time to do it tomorrow, what with school and stuff. I've re-written the ending slightly - I descided it really was way to corny - but if there are any grammar mistakes then I'll just edit the post m'kay?
    See ya,
    I'd never thought about doing it myself, but I know that it can work; some of my favourite books are co-authored. But we do both have fics running at the moment, if you were insinuating what I think you were insinuating ;).

    I'll explain the reason for the new banner when I post the new chapter, it's basically because I've finally planned through the whole fic and seperated it into three sections (not sequals as such...) and that banner's for the first.
    Hi, I like your new banner :). Sorry about those Jirachi rotomorphs, I requested a WBG with one of the Sprite Mafia and it seems to have been lost ^_^; well, its awesome as it is.
    Also, did you get the new chapter I sent you? My connection was playing up and I'm not sure whether I sent it twenty times or not at all ^_^;
    lol, but you won't *believe* how many one-day-old people befriend me just because I posted in their threads.

    And its only precautionary...it feels heartless rejecting friend requests from well-intentioned people, so I'd rather just ward them off beforehand.
    Yep, thank you. I find it bewildering that people I've never had a direct conversation with are in awe of me.
    maybe, twins maybe >_>, but I'm not sure. Wow, surprise surprise, Michael Phelps goes to Disneyland *rolls eyes*, I sooo didn't see this coming >_>
    Well, I've been working on a firebirdshipping fic. Mostly just playing around wuith the idea in my head and on MS Word.
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