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  • HKSCM: That's why there's abbreviations, and keyboarding classes xD *hunts Tracy from Pokemon with her magical chainsaw*
    Yay! You're back! *does the welcome welcome dance* Now meet Human Kitty Slasher Chick Mode!

    Human Kitty Slasher Chick Mode: I don't welcome people, I kill them with my chainsaw x3 *gets out magical chainsaw*
    Cool, Amazing Chi makes Yonowaru's banners and he's pretty good, infact all the Sprite Mafia make excelent banners, you should check them out. (In the same section as my shop, there's is just called "The Sprite Mafia".)
    Hey, Poke Poke. Your requests are finished (ignore the confusion about whether I was open or not ^_^;) I was wondering, that Jirachi doesn't have anything to do with your fic, does it? It's just that two mirror images would look good on either side of a banner and you said you were getting a new one made for PI...... *suspicious glare*

    Anyway, even though we'e talked several times since you getting unbanned, welcome back. :)
    You're back YAY!!!!!!

    I can get emotional if I want fool!

    JK. Anyways so whenever you can go ahead. I am starting up chapter one today so please comment on the Prologue. I have to read into Pokemon Infinity.
    HK: . . . . >___>

    Anyway, I got lagged, and my stepdad's trying to set up wi-fi with my PMD 2 game so that I can do rescue missions xDD
    *HKAM mode points Lazerica Staff fully charged at Poke Poke's ribs*

    HKAM: You haven't experienced armageddon have you?
    Lag!! Anyway, It shall be a surprise that nobody will see coming, well, maybe not, but it'll be surprising oh I shall tell you that, good luck btw xD
    Actually, I entered the Sci-fi/Fantasy contest Ledian X is holding to prove to myself I can write a good one-shot with the k's!
    Kitty: I was born in a mystical land that humans and shinigami know not of called Paz. Paz is an extremely peaceful land, and all creatures are born of light magic, of course due to the lack of violence in the beautiful place, I went seeking power in the universe until I fused with the anti archangel (Yes I'm talking about Arceus's evil sister! xD) and that's how I got split personality syndrome whenever I went human. My original form is unknown . . . . good thing you don't know how to get to Paz, kept the instructions safe with Nova on Vestroia.
    Anaranjado: I got sleepy and decided to have a Yugio Series Parody Brawl with my aquaintance Nova instead.

    Human Kitty Armageddon Mode: Nah! I'm too powerfull . . .

    They protect me, it's kind of creepy . . . . . get off my lawn!

    Vert: Eh? Oui? *gets off lawn*

    HKAM: You know I could destroy the world.

    yeah yeah, just because your name has Armageddon in it . . .

    *Giant bolt of lightening strikes a giant earthquake around the world*

    shutting up now

    HKAM: good *puts away staff and turns back to normal*
    Thank you, poke poke. I may not know you, but I've read you here and there.

    And there is no better congratulation gift than a big, shiny "WTF?!" on the profile! XD
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