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  • Anaranjado: My name's masculine, and you just kicked me in the groin!! *fires fire blast from zanpakuto*
    Anaranjado: Who woke me up? *looks at Poke Poke as horns burst out and he turns into a Soul Reaper*

    Soul Reaper Anaranjado: we shall engage in battle! *draws out overly sized zanpakuto*
    It's practicing the art of non-insertion xD. Also, Vert, my frog friend has a language barrier, and Anaranjado, my demonic Koala's asleep most of the day.
    poke poke, and not Yonowaru in Chaos, says:

    lol. How do you cross out your sentences? (I am indeed a noob, cross this out for me using your hacking skills.)

    Its just like bolding, except you have 's' instead of 'b' (s for strikethrough)
    DHK: OMG! I can't believe you didn't notice my chest *smothers poke poke with huggles and almost suffocates due to oversized chest*. I'm a woman gosh darnit, and don't you forget it! Also, I just killed a random person, I sensed he was an old man that had a sadistic mental disease, so I put him out of his misery and sliced his head off like a pathetic Mc'Donalds toy.

    EDIT: MHK: We're all girls just to let you know, it's easier for V3 to make us the way we are that way . . . >____>

    Angelic Human Kitty: Even though Angels don't really have genders.

    Human Kitty: And I was a female cat before I transformed so *looks at skirt* neat-o! xD.
    I see.

    Demonic Human Kitty: I'm gonna go kill some person about to murder an innocent soul, bye now *puts on rain jacket and grabs umbrella because it's raining and flies off with demonic wings into the night*
    I have three hands so I type faster Hacked SPPf, had a look at your profile and decided that you had too many posts so I moved some of your posts to mine!
    Oh. I never go to the events xD which is why I'll never get a Darkrai, except for maybe if it's recruitable in PMD 2.
    Well, Burnt Flower's moving to New York, but Andywoo lives in New Zealand if that makes you feel any better XDD.
    A cruddy place called Virginia Beach in the State of Virginia that's on the southern tip of the Chesapeake Bay, the largest bay in the U.S. xD.
    MHK: Well, I am the same age as my owner, but we still convinced her! xDD

    *looks back in my conversation with Bay*

    Anyway, Motteke Sailor Fuku is the opening to a really short anime called Lucky Star that's really funny and cute.
    MHK: Just DHK, even though I'm not sure if Yonowaru wants to dance Motteke Sailor Fuku with me. Oh well, at least Bay will! xDD

    Not really much, just that I'm listening to a remix of Motteke Sailor Fuku.
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