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  • DHK: I know, I just like to suck the blood of the guys that come near him, it's fun! >XD


    MHK: She's a straaaaaange woman.
    Planning a fanfic for the sci-fi contest with the k's

    Mariposa Human Kitty: That would be me and the following three people.

    Angelic Human Kitty: Hello! We three fit in the fantasy genre because we all have wings that represent our part of our master Human Kitty's conscience. Human Kitty is a very emotional person, and often transforms into multiple forms of her own accord, it's very erratic in her mind at times because of that.

    Demonic Human Kitty: *hisses and goes off to find Yonowaru in Chaos so she can go partying*

    Human Kitty Happy Mode: Hello! I just love meeting new people pu pu pu!!

    And there ya go xDD.
    Vestroia* xD and it's a Bakugan fansite. *Bakugan is basically this anime based off of a marble game which already ended in Japan, it's on episode 42 in Canada, and like 20 something (I lost track) in the U.S.
    I come from a site called Vestroia.com. They honestly have pretty low standards there on fan fiction. Oh well, it's a fansite, but they should still have some standards, even if the admin doesn't think so *sigh*
    Hi, JammyU here. I just wanted to say, as it seems you haven't noticed, that I posted a comment on your fic. Also, I find it slightly ironic that the only hing I could find wrong with it is the grammar mistakes, and yet you are a self proclaimed "grammar guru".

    Hurry up and write chapter 4 ^_^.
    Like I said, I think all reviews are good. XD

    And I think maybe later this week, hopefully. *crosses fingers*
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