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  • Ah, Poke! So sorry I missed your message. I haven't been on. ^ ^;

    But, yes. Long time indeed. I've had my ups and downs, and probably will continue to do so whenever you see this message. :p
    How 'bout you?
    Funny. As soon as I replied to you last, that's when Big Time Rush are starting to be all over the place. XD Their faces were on ravioli cans recently and it was funny what happened: My mom surprised me one day by getting the BTR cans, and that night, after my sis and I heated up two cans and sat down to play a PC game, in mid-speech I spooned some of the ravioli in my mouth. I stopped talking. My sister looked at me weird and ate some herself. She stopped talking. The game was forgotten and after a good minute, we both said at the exact same time, "DON'T EVER GET ANYTHING WITH BIG TIME RUSH'S FACES ON IT AGAIN!" XDDD
    Mm-hmm. ^.^
    I doubt that; I still don't have a clue what she's playing most times. XD
    Haha. That's cool. I'm used to hearing about people starting on the acoustic first. There is an acoustic guitar that can be plugged into a speaker, though. Don't remember what it's called though.
    Ooh, you've had a chicken before? That's so cool! xD But I'd rather have a duckling too. They're so cute~ x3
    I've always wanted to go to a lot of places! Italy, Japan, England, and Australia! Canada and the Caribbean would be cool too. :3 How 'bout you?
    Let's see . . . what's more important to you: your imagination, your goals, or your ideals?

    Haha. It's all right. I hate it when the internet does that. Such a pain. But seriously. It's all good. I haven't been on that much myself, anyway. ^ ^ Did you get the new Pokémon X/Y game yet? :3

    Oh, and I watched Persona 4! (just finished it last night) It's now officially one of my favorite anime! I love it! Thanks for recommending it to me! It completely shocked me at a few parts and actually made me laugh too. XD (I normally chuckle or just smile if something's 'funny', but Persona 4 really made me laugh.)

    EDIT 2:
    BTR's third album music has grown on me. And now I only dislike two or three songs on it. XD
    Ah. The question I keep asking myself every day. :/ Honestly, I don't even feel for anything besides writing (but that's not going to go anywhere any time soon). At all. But I've been thinking about the Stimulation & Game Development and Baking & Pastry courses. Not that I'm good at computers (because I'm sooooooo not), but I think it would be cool to be a part of a game's or animation's development. Not to mention getting good connections for other things as well. ;) Baking & Pastry . . . I don't really want to take the course, but I really do need training for all the techniques, ya know? And I do like the thought of owning my own restaurant someday. Also, lately, I've been thinking about Criminal Justice to become a detective. I wanted to become one when I was little, and I think the feeling came back little by little after watching a handful of anime (Death Note included) and reading a couple of news articles that were just plain ridiculous.
    And I'm still debating slightly on going to a Japanese college (in a few years, of course) to learn to be a manga editor. Just in case I do decide to go, I'm learning Japanese; besides, I have a feeling that I'll regret it I don't go, even if I'm not set on the idea.
    Oh, and I don't mind at all about you asking my future major or something, so don't hesitate. :)

    I'm afraid of heights, so I'd probably end up giving myself a heart attack. ^ ^; I do want to at least try the trapeze, though I know I probably wouldn't even jump off the platform. XD The aerial hoop does sound fun, though. :) And yeah. Doing a backflip would be awesome! 8D
    Aw, that stinks. :( Maybe next time? :3
    Ah, don't let that stop you from singing your heart out! XD
    Yep, but unfortunately, you see so many idiots around that it's sometimes easy to forget that there are good people too. :/
    o.0 That's a weird time to have hail! XD But yeah, that is strange. Hopefully the season will continue being nice over there. :)

    Haha! Yeah. Play it safe, but still, it would be classic. XD
    Yes! One of mankind's greatest inventions. XD
    Yeah, but then again, thinking about it, maybe not since they may be busy with their schedules since the studios would be fairly close, you know? Still stinks, though. :/
    Pssh. I don't because the list only grows larger! XD But speaking of anime, have you ever seen Red Garden? :3

    Hahahaha! XD Sounds like a perfect day. x3 And that's good, though people should seriously consider not going out if they're going to drink. -_-
    Yes! Sorry, animals, but you guys taste too good! XD
    Really!? Oh, cool! I'd love to pet a kangaroo! 8D And haha! Yeah, that's understandable. XD

    Got that right. XD I'm sure there's plenty of people like that~ ;D And no problemo~ ;D
    XD Ah, but is that coming from someone who has yet to truly be able to judge the truth about bitterness and maturity being linked? ;D Haha! But seriously, I agree with you 500%. XD
    It would be kind of funny if it did happen at work. . . . XDD
    Yeah, you're right. It's just so hard to decide though.
    Unfortunately, nothing most times. :/
    You seem happy about that. XDDD
    Hahaha~ I'm thinking it's fruit you were thinking of. :3 But yeah. Coffee's awesome! XD Unfortunately, it doesn't keep me up unless I have it black, and apparently I'm not "mature enough to appreciate the bitterness." . . . >__>
    XD You should try it some time! On your day off or something. x3
    ^ ^; Yeah . . . I'm kinda taking a break from them; though mainly from my teacher. She was getting on my nerves too much, and it's sad too, because we were finally starting to work on scripts. . . . But I think my voices needs the break, anyway. ^ ^
    And speaking of acting, I don't think I'm going to go through with the theatre major. Don't worry. My teacher didn't stop me from enjoying acting, my interests have just took a turn. I'll probably take theatre as a minor, though. :3

    Makes you want to start working out to be able to do that too, huh? ;) Hahaha! But then again, there's always the jump-ropes and diabolo (my favorite act in the show. The guy was so cool~<3). And yeah. After watching Kaleido Star, I was really looking forward to the trapezes. :(
    Oh, cool! I only saw a clip of them on TV before, but I hear they're good. :D

    XD Haha! I'm not too surprised - not that they're "unknown" or anything, but I've never seen them in an interview that wasn't on the same channel as their show. >_> But their music is good, though I'm not a huge fan of their new album.
    Unfortunately, I've only seen Robert Downey Jr. in The Shaggy Dog, but yeah. I bet there would be a lot of great conversations. :3 He'd probably give good advice too. x3
    I'm pretty sure I've heard some of their songs before, but I think it was in the old days when my sister would blast the music to so many different songs and I only knew of one artist out of the probable 15+. XD
    Really? Awesome! :D Acoustic, I presume? 83

    Hmm. . . . Would you rather have a baby chick or a duckling? XD
    Feel free to ask questions too! I'm game! XD
    :p Ugh. . . . Well, I guess he have to make money somehow. >.> And sweet! When the time comes, show 'em what you're made of! XD
    Hahaha! Then you can sing in the rain! XD
    XD Lol. I suppose. But it can get a boring and lonely sometimes. ._. Still, I prefer staying in then going out.
    Same here! :D It's so messed up when you're content listening to the rain and thunder, and then when you're just about to drift into your thoughts, work on something, or even fall asleep -- CRASH!!! BOOM!!! DDDDX
    It has. :D But after it stopped, it got borderline unbelievably hot for over a month or so, and just last week it suddenly (seriously. Suddenly!) got freezing cold at night! I prefer cold over hot, but geez. A little warning, eh? XD
    How weather over there? ^ ^

    Haha! Lucky you~ ;P It would be funny though if you told them you weren't being sarcastic. Imagine their faces. XD
    Oh, really? That's awesome! 8O That soooo never happens here! They just talk, answer a couple of questions, then leave. Australia really got some cool stuff going on. XD
    Aw, man! I don't have a PS Vita. D: I guess I'll watch the anime then. *adds to ever-growing To-Watch list* XD
    Maybe you'll see her again at another convention. :D

    Oi. Around here, I usually see people going nuts on St. Patrick's Day, so I'm afraid to see what Australia is like. XD I hope a lot of people aren't driving in those times over there.
    XDDDDDD Oooh, what kind do you make? The beef or chicken lasagna? Or the veggie kind (ugh. . . . XD). Or something else? 8D And Hahaha! Maybe you should teach him how to cook. XD

    XD Oh, so is it true that some kangaroos hop up and attack unprovoked? And I see. Sucks to poison yourself, though. :p
    Exactly! XD A kinda-sorta win-win situation. XDDD

    Yes! :D And complaining can make you feel so much better! XD
    Haha! My sister has that habit, too. XD
    :3 Well in that case, talk away! :D
    Haha. Well, something's better than nothing, yes? :p
    XD Keeps work interesting.
    Yeah. ._.
    Oh, my god. XD Hahaha! That bad? It's still edible, I hope? XD
    Oh, wow. Well, that's a great thing to know if you ever get close to one. I wonder if they can poison other platypuses?
    That would be terrible! DX Yeah, stick with artificial parts. XD But on the bright side (kinda?), if something did go wrong with the regrowth, you could always sue. XD

    :) You're very welcome. ;P And it's fine. Complain all you want, everyone needs to once in a while. :3 And no more apologies. *wags finger* Don't feel bad for not replying, I understand and actually recommend curling up in bed instead of going on Serebii. I'm not going anywhere anytime soon, but your rest time is. ;P

    Haha. Like you, I suppose. Drained. And sleepy. It's just so weird; Lately I keep falling asleep in the middle of the day when I don't even do anything that could make me sleepy - besides acting class once a week, but that's nothing to get tired about - except for dealing with my teacher, anyway. *rolls eyes*
    My fam and I went to see Cirque Du Soleil the other day. It was fun. :3 It was a lot better than I was expecting it to be, though I was disappointed there were no trapezes. :(

    Oi. . . . Good question. I have no clue. XD Maybe Big Time Rush (though I seriously hate their new haircuts! they're not hot anymore. ;__;). From the interviews I've seen, they seem like pretty cool guys, and I think it would be fun hanging out with them - whether it be playing games, having interesting conversations/getting in their heads (especially Carlos', since he's such a cute teddy bear. x3), challenging them in something, or shopping. XD (Not that I particularly like shopping, but I love James' leather jackets! ~<3)
    You? :3
    D: Well, better overcooked than under, right? Or at least when it comes to meat. . . . *ponders about other food*
    Haha! XD
    x3 One shift per week? Oh, my! That's terrible! >_< I mean, good that you don't have to deal with him a lot anymore and that he might get fired soon(-ish), but terrible from his perspective because he's not getting many hours at all. XDDX
    That's when you have to strike fear into their hearts! Then they'll listen - that or just fire them. XD But yeah. Not good circumstances for the position. Maybe next time? ;)

    x3 Rain's so nice~
    Hahaha! XD Well, I'm normally in the house anyway, so it makes no difference to me, but yeah. I see how it would make other people go crazy. XD That's when you take an umbrella and go out in the rain! XD
    And I don't mind trading weather either. Now it's been crashing thunder here, to the point I can't relax properly most nights. ._.

    Haha! I assume you got caught multiple times? XD
    Oh, really? 8D That's awesome! Unfortunately, Persona 4 is the only one you named that I don't know anything about. ^ ^; But it's cool that you got to talk to them some (Squidward~! <3). Erin Fitzgerald sounds pretty cool. :D You guys probably made her day, too~ x3
    XDDD Hahaha! Then it's a good thing you do have a coffee break~ I guess the only time you wouldn't would probably be if the customers were taking over the store. XD
    *sigh* And there's way too many of those people.
    Yeah! ^.^

    Lol. So what do you think is worse: horrible smelling food, or horrible looking food? XD
    XD Hahaha! Really? I'll have to check it out some time. x3 And I had no clue platypuses were poisonous! o.o
    That's true. :3 And not only would the artificial arm be useful, but it would look cool, too! XD But I am intrigued about the regrown arm option. Sounds interesting. x3

    :) *hugz* Well, don't worry about it; I'm happy to chat whenever you do reply. ^ ^
    :D And then it'd be a dream for vacation days! 8D
    Lol. x3 Really? How does that happen? XD
    Hahaha! XD That's good then! Be thankful she's evil. XDDD
    Good! :D Because it sounded awesome! ^.^

    It makes me want to think that choosing the best from the worst is a lot easier than choosing the best from the . . . best? XD
    Haha~ No, you don't! If he only has negative work-qualities about him, then there's no harm in hoping. Hell, I only heard a couple of things about him and I hope he gets fired soon someday. He could do more harm than good showing up drunk all the time!
    It is indeed! :D Major compliment! And being the manager would mean you could deal with those self-centered, lazy co-workers and make them actually do their job! But yeah. I don't doubt that. Too crazy. T.T
    Hahaha~ Yeah. The rain is like a nice lullaby~ x3
    Eh. Not really. When it's raining in the fall, you can literally be in some heavy rain, but, like, walk across the street and down the sidewalk and it'll be as dry as a raisin. Seriously. Then you can just walk back into the rain, if you want to. XD Kinda cool in a way, but so weird. XD In the spring-turning-summer season, it's pretty much just getting hotter with a lot of rain at night. So . . . yeah. XD It's been storming every night for about a week now, though.

    Good~ ^ ^
    ^ ^ Yeah, it would, but still . . . such a pain. XD Lucky you, if you did take up on being a voice actor, you wouldn't necessarily need the whole acting training. ;P
    True. Can you imagine not having breaks? I can see the employees on strike now. XD
    Unfortunately. XD
    Haha! Yep. Got that right. XD
    Ugh. Seriously; I get them not wanting to be in trouble, but to actually go and do that? I just don't get it. ">_>
    Yep, but then the satisfaction afterwards. :3
    Mmhmm~ ^.^

    Just hopefully it smells good too. XD
    Lol. Cool! :D
    *quoting some kind of version from the usual saying* If you excerxise regularly and have a well-balanced diet, you will be healthy and happy and your body will thank you. *stops quoting* . . . XDDD Hahaha~!
    Very much so! Makes me wonder about what other animals do that's kinda on the odd side. XD
    :D It reminds me of Cowboy Bebop; Jet's got a artificial arm after he lost his original arm from injuries. Occurring to his bio, people were surprised he took that option since they had the technology to just grow him a replacement. o_o

    No need for apologies. :) I understand, and besides, I should think work and life should come before internet friends. ;D
    Haha~ I guess that's what days off are for? ;P
    Yep. I know they're thankful for microwaveables. XD
    :D Sweet - literally! XD
    *pats his back* Poor guy. . . . x3

    Lol. And that's the important thing, right? ;D
    But that makes it all the more difficult to choose! XD

    I suppose so, but still, he should be fired. XD
    ^ ^ Ah, well. I still think it's great that you were thought of for the position. ^.^
    XD Hahaha! You love naps, don't cha? x3
    o_O Wow. . . . That's weird - but interesting. XD It's never a dull moment when it comes to the weather, huh? XD Haha~

    Lol. If that's the case, then I say, "All's good!" ;D
    Haha, yeah. x3
    Unfortunately, it's true. T.T The reward is worth it, I guess, but the training sucks - although sometimes fun. . . . >_> Lol. ^ ^;
    Pssshh! >__<"
    Haha. Yeah, it would be awesome, but I'd pass out the next day for a week from all the work. XD
    XD It would still be hilarious though! Maybe that will come in handy a few minutes before the show, so I'd relax before curtain. :D
    True, but it's still nice to dream it. Haha.
    I hope so. When I first heard about chocolate and chicken I was weirded out, but softened up when I saw the nice presentation. XD And I had no clue they actually sold choolate with chili in supermarkets. o.o Now I'll have to check it out. XD
    :( Terrible, that we feel old before our time; so what are we gonna feel like when we are old? *sigh*

    Yeah. Bats are weird, but cool! XD
    :O Really? I had no clue. That's amazing! But I wonder how they even came up with the idea to try it in the first place? x3
    XD Hahaha! Well, who knows? It may not be so bad - of course, so long as the people aren't super sensitive, but I guess you wouldn't know if they are or not. . . . But I don't think asking about injuries are too bad of a question, so long as it's expressed in curiosity and said injury isn't getting stared at like it's an animal at the zoo. . . . Lol.
    Yes we should! XD
    x3 I find it funny, personally . . . so long as the person is still speaking the language I know, anyway, and not something else. XD
    From my research on voice acting, they pretty much say take acting classes, since you'll have to convey the emotions through your voice. Of course, I doubt you'll have to do intense training, it's not like you'll be performing for an audience so you won't need to learn all the gestures and dramatics like acting does, but you would need to be able to act through your voice. :p And they say after a couple of runs, voice acting is a no brainer, so I'm sure you'd be okay. ;D
    ^ ^ I think it's more like my acting teacher's drills are finally registering. XD

    At least you get breaks and a chance to put yourself together for the next wave of people. What I wouldn't give for breaks as well. Haha~ And yep. Let's hope I'll actually have energy that day. XD
    Tell me about it! At the very least, I wish the client would be understanding enough to know that and not immediately jump down someone's throat, but sometimes that isn't the case. T.T
    :( Argh. Just thinking about that makes me roll my eyes. Some people really need to start doing what they were hired for and not let others do it for them.
    Haha~ At least you can enjoy it every night~ x3
    >.< Oi. That reminds me of one of the season's of Hell's Kitchen, when one woman couldn't boil water. . . . Can't remember if she went home that week or not. . . . But anyway. Yeah. I see why it would worry you. (Now that I'm thinking about it, now I'm a bit worried too. XD)
    Haha~ How 'bout a cupcake competition?
    XDDD I can understand why perfectly. Hahaha~!

    8D Cool! Awesome! x3
    True. . . . Yeah. It could have been.
    x3 That's when you have to hope they brought an umbrella in one of their bags. XD

    Haha! That was cool~ :3 And it was nice of your friend to sign you up for that dance, but lol about the fake stomach. XD Just think of it as a before and after shot of Mario on a diet. XD
    Wow. Just think of when you find the room and have that sword there, then when people go in and see it, they'll be like, " . . . Woooah. . . . 8O" XD
    Yeah, but it doesn't take a sword much to catch my eye. ^ ^;

    Well, I guess that's a good thing, but he still must be a pain?
    8D Really? That's awesome! As far as I know, managers have a little easier time than the regular workers, if only a bit. But either way, that's awesome! XD
    Haha~ A terrible but good thing! ;D If only humans were built like cats; it's as if they're always in shape despite some of them lazy and not doing anything. XD
    Wow, hail in the fall? If we get hail, it's usually in the middle of winter and only if it's been raining a while before then. But yes, enjoy that winter weather when it comes!
    :3 The sad thing about that logic, though, is that it doesn't apply to everything. T.T" 'Cause I would've done that with acting. XD Take note: If it's something you can learn in a book or just information, you can get done with something in the blink of an eye, but if it's something that you have to physically (and/or mentally, in some cases) build your skill yourself, then you have to learn the long (and slow) way. T___T"
    XD Hahaha! No way! I was just thinking that combo would probably be a lot better when compared to the hot sauce replacing the hot chips! . . . But you know what? It might actually work with some boiled chicken or something. . . .
    ^.^ Yeah, now that you brought it up, I agree. Video games aren't what they used to be. . . . (Now I feel old. XD)
    :D Okay, Josh~

    Do you find it interesting that bats sleep and just plain chill upside-down, yet they fly right-side-up?
    Well, I think it's great that you're straightforward when it comes to questions, but I don't know; I think that could be a problem or be taken as offensive in some situations. XD But seriously, I didn't mind. It was more of a, "Wow..... This guy sure knows how not to beat around the bush," moment for me. XD Quite funny, really.
    Anyway, thank you! Somebody finally gets what I'm saying! T_T
    XD Hahaha! That's an even funnier coincidence: Australian and Irish accents are my number one and two most favorite accents (Although I couldn't understand half of what Jin would be saying in Yu Yu Hakusho. Lol. Still love him, though~), so of course if you ask me, I think having a mixture of the two is awesome! 8D (It would also be a cool quality for an actor to have (ya know, to make him stand out from the rest more?) or be great for voice acting (Oi. I've been thinking about acting too much. DX Let me shut up now before I think of something else. . . .)
    Yeah. *sigh* Such a pain - for both the draining and the oblivious-to-uniqueness people. :p

    I hope so, 'cause I'm the laziest person in the world, so how do you think I feel about having to do two hour plays while keeping the, "I just wanna sleep" look off my face? XD Not to even mention college in general. XD
    ^ ^; Haha. Yeah. I don't mind organizing and picking things out, it's just finding good people to work with and trusting them to get their job done right and on time that I have a problem with (because there are SO many people who do it wrong even after you spent your time giving them step-by-step instructions and even picture references; and if things don't go right because of them, the bride would blame me! DX Just the thought makes me tempted to open my own flower shop and be the caterer of the wedding myself just to be reassured that the place will be decorated and food will be on the tables. XD).
    XD Hahaha! If I did that, I think I'd roll over laughing and not performing. XD
    8D Comfy bed, TV, good shows, popcorn - what a life! XD
    :( There'll be a day when you can!
    8D Oooh~! Every person's dream! That would be awesome! You should try looking into it even if you don't end up as a chef. XD
    o_o Haha! Who won? XD You guys should try "professional" eating contests! :D
    Hahaha! Well, they say anything's possible, right? ;P I wish you luck!

    :D Really? I'd love to read it~! ^ ^
    XD Pfft! Oh, sure. That could happen after a few weeks had gone by. XD
    Well, at least you found a good place. :)
    Yeah. :( It's even worse if the costume was made out of a fabric that can't get wet - or at least, drenched.

    Ooh~! A graduation concert? :D I LOVE to see Dante dance like a crazy person, but Mario dancing like that would be awesome too. XDDD Hahaha!
    Four hours!? O.O I'm glad it was well worth it! And wow, really? So big? 8D Sounds great! Yay for possibly getting more swords! XD
    :3 Hmm, I don't know. I'd like to, but I seriously have no clue if I would actually get one or not. *furrows brow in thought* Maybe if the opportunity presented itself, I would. . . .

    I hope so, because I imagine dealing with that guy would cause a headache. >.<
    ^ ^ You're welcome~ And awesome! :D
    :3 Haha! That is funny. XD But good! Now you can't get out of using those weights. ;D And lucky! I wish it was winter here, or at least fall. T.T
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