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  • Lol. Well, my homeschooling isn't the normal kind, so I can't really tell you how it works because I don't even know. XD In this house, "Who cares when it's done? The only thing that matters is that you know what you need to know," is our motto. (I just made that line up, lol, but I'm pretty sure it's true.) After all, it's not like I have anywhere to go or people to meet, and it's not hurting anybody, so why not?
    But - do NOT quote me on this! I'm just trying to think of a reason - I think all homeschooling has the option of getting school done faster. As I said, it's not hurting anybody and what's important is that you know what you need to know. If you would've dropped out of school after your junior year and did homeschooling instead, you might have graduated a few months before your school actually did.
    Yes! That would be nice, indeed~ x3

    Chocolate, caramel and hot chips together? Hmm. . . . Well, that sounds better than chocolate, caramel and hot sauce. XD Lol.
    But anyway. Let's see. . . . Video games (in general) or anime (in general)?
    Not only are you curious, but you're blunt. >_> Hahaha~ Not that I minded. x3 Anyway, I didn't think my diction was bad. . . . I mean, who cares about "hard" 'to/two/too's and "barely there" D's? It's not really noticeable and I'm still speaking English! >_<" And I've talked that way most of my life, how can I change it? That's like . . . me telling you to lose the Australian accent! DX (Seriously. I'm not exaggerating. I can't imagine supporting my voice every second of the day and not speaking lazily.)
    That's good!
    *hands on hips* The "other things" aren't my fault! My teacher just doesn't realize that some people have their own style and have very one dimensional voices!
    And yes. I suppose so.

    Well, after much debate, I decided to major in theater (Considering I don't need a degree to write, or need to take a course to learn how to handle money. (Another career option of mine is being a wedding planner, oddly enough). Though, I kinda don't want to, I figured the only thing I really need help with is acting, so what better major and opportunity? I just hope I won't lose it when it comes to performances. I'm dreading the performances. . . .
    Hehe. Good luck!
    Hahaha! I can see where you spend your chill time. ;D
    XD I think most people feel like that on their work days. Haha. But yes. Exactly right!
    It does - which so isn't fair! DX Why can't there be such thing as "healthy" junk? XD
    Yes. Yes, it is. XD And really? It's to the point you get hilarious reactions from your family? Hahaha! XD
    O.O Being able to do flips and tricks and jump high distances like him!? Oh, my! XD
    You do that! ;D

    :) Well, if you ever have the urge to write something, try drabbles. Can be extremely short, and always to the point. <3
    I guess so. . . .
    Lol. Got that right. I can just picture my sister glancing at the screen, then snapping her eyes to me, and when she's about to open her mouth to lecture me, I'd scream, "Wait! It's just research for my story! Research!" She'd probably still be glancing suspiciously at me for days after that, though. XD

    :D Thanks, Poke~! I'll definitely keep that in mind. :)
    >_< Ugh. How can somebody run something like that? The only time that it's acceptable is if the event is outside . . . with decent weather. x3
    Yeah, weird, but at least every one that the company runs isn't guaranteed to be bad.

    8D Ooooh~ Nice choices! Very nice! x3 (Dante would be cool to cosplay as! Love him! *makes mental note to add him as a possible cosplay character*) Haha, kinda sounds like that shop is the long-awaited dessert course after the "main courses"/conventions. Lol. But cool! Only one more sword? D8 Do you have a specific one in mind already? And I think sword collecting is awesome! There are so many nice looking ones~

    >.<" And that guy still got a job, even though he's always drunk? *sigh* You have my sympathies. . . . On the bright side, at least you got paid overtime, yes? ^ ^
    DX Pick up some weights, dude! You can be lazy and still work on it! . . . If that made sense? Haha. ^ ^;
    :D That's right! That's the spirit! And you're welcome~ I like being there for a friend. ^ ^
    Really? COOOOOOOOOL!! 8DDDDD At the conventions here, if you miss a panel that's it! You're lost. DX
    Ooooh~ Wow, the stuff and conventions sound so much better over there! The "replicas" here absolutely suck! >_<" But I'm glad you got something good!

    Everyone was sick? Geez. Flu season? But yeah. That stinks. :( Maybe next time.
    Ouch. It sounds painful already. DX

    Haha. Yes, how sad. XD
    Am I any good? >__< How can you ask someone a question like that!? . . . *pout* But dramatics aside . . . yes and no. My teacher says I have the instinct and learn quickly, but apparently my diction sucks. And I don't support my voice in my everyday speech, and she wants me to start doing that. (I've tried, but it's ridiculous! I don't know how my mom and sis can do it naturally. >.<") Plus, apparently I talk slow and with a lazy air, so I have to get more energy and start pretending to actually enjoy talking to people. (Not that I'm hostile or anything . . . I hope.) *rolls eyes* And other things. *sigh*
    Is it fun? . . . I honestly don't know. I'm not exactly over the moon, but then again, I'm not screaming to get out of there. It is what it is, I guess. That's how I feel about it.

    *sigh* Nope. I got another year of school before I'm officially free, then off to the big campus. (I'm actually kinda dreading that time, though.) I decided not to have a Summer break, so I can possibly graduate sooner and have more chill time before college, so no, I ain't free just yet. XD

    True. *nods* Lol. Okay, how 'bout chocolate (any kind) or chips (any kind)?
    Haha. When my sanity is on its last string, I find threatening to break and throw the laptop away works wonders - though, it's still a pain~ :p Try it sometime. Haha!
    Ooh, sleeping all day does sound good! XD
    Eh. I guess so, but I think it's more about forcing me to stop being a hermit and at least get to know what "fresh air" smells like. Lol. Why is it so hard to convince your own mother that you have different interest in "fun pass times" than she does? *sigh*
    Hahaha! Aw, but Poke, you can't let that happen! You have an active metabolism already with your exercises, and oddly enough, you can eat anything you want so long as you have a salad with it. So when you stop working out and working, at least remember the salad! . . . Plus, you can still walk in the park as an old man. ;D (assuming you're not in a wheelchair or something. . . .)
    XDDDD Hahaha! Okay, I'll time ya. ;D

    Ha. I'm assuming that in her point of view, she was making her students more "insightful" and "in depth" with her teaching method . . . if she wasn't insane, that is. XD
    That's cool. :) It's nice that she's so determined. And lol.

    Sure, but it would be better if I actually finished something that wasn't a one-shot. *pout* But ah, well. And thanks. At first it was going to be another dark-depressing story of mine, but then I thought it was a good opportunity to take writing "slow" and maybe get a message across without it being too direct. . . . But I miss writing plain dark stuff. *sigh*
    Lol. Yeah. And it's especially bad because of the difficulty in breaking out of the self-negative thoughts you had before the condition, and then the bad habits even after treatment.
    Lol. Well, your friend is at a better pace than me. I just lose all inspiration and drop my stories until further notice. x3
    Hmm. . . . I write all kinds, I guess. Dark, depressing stuff; light-hearted stuff; stuff filled with drama; romance-dramas; depressing-romances; adventure-mysteries; dark-somewhat depressing-inspirational stuff; dark-adventure-dramas; realistic, real life stuff. . . . I think that's all the types I've written so far. . . . As far as me still writing them is concerned, I've been trying, but can't get any inspiration for the parts I'm stuck on. If I write them now, it'll just turn into a "filler", "seriously dragging", or "just plain boring" chapter, so they're on hiatus right now. But I've started writing an original work the other day. An anorexia/bulimia story - not that I have either, but I like fics about them and wanted to write my own (this is the 'realistic, real life' story).
    :) Okay. I will, but it's still a pain. ;P

    Hahaha. Well, are they really impossible? Maybe there are classes around that can help improve whatever skill you need for the career - or the internet as well, instead of classes (though it depends on the career), or an internship/apprenticeship, or research and studying, then if and when an opportunity presents itself, you'll be well prepared and ready to set off! x3 *in optimistic mood*
    Cool! 8D Sounds great! Especially with him talking about his past and stuff. That's really cool. :D Hehe. And sweet, for getting a Sandei Kitetsu. ;D Are there any other cons you're going to soon? And are you going to cosplay this time. *grin*

    Nothing really. As usual. No conventions. Just going to my acting classes and doing school(home?)work. I read that Hell's Kitchen manga, by the way, and you were right. It's hilarious! XD Thanks for showing it to me. It's awesome! ^.^

    Random thought: Would you rather eat the head of a jellyfish or squid? (boiled, but seasoned however you want)
    ^ ^ Yeah. And lol. Sometimes it seems like laptops have a radar and know when to not work just to get on our nerves. x3
    Hahaha! No responsibility, no work, and a lot of the time you get your way. XD Ya know, back as a baby, everyone did everything for us. XDDD
    Lol. Nah. My mom's heard them and will continue to say, "Then we'll be inside. How 'bout the movie theater? Or the Pottery Place? Or eating someplace? Or . . . " until she ends up commanding me out the door and into the car. *sigh*
    :D Haha! Yes. You are lucky - and sneaky, too. ;D But ya know, the lack of exercise is gonna catch up to y'all eventually. . . . *mischievous grin*

    ROFL XDDDDD I think it's safe to say that that's every guy's worst nightmare? XDDD Hahaha! . . . But anyway, ahem. *holds back more giggles* . . . Poor guy. . . . XDDD
    Good luck! Try not to run into more manga like that. XD

    :eek: Wow, seriously!? That's ridiculous! Your teacher was crazy! DX I wonder if she was actually serious or if she did that just to get on her students' nerves? Either way, that's still terrible! >_<"
    :D Will do! I've been wanting new manga genres to look into. Thanks.

    Cool! Thanks! :D I'll read it in a few minutes~

    Bah. That's how it's going. I seriously H-A-T-E deciphering poetry! Reading it is fine. Giving a seriously brief, one or two worded answer of its meaning is fine. But to take it apart and analize every single freaking little detail while reading between the lines (which I suck at, for the most part) is just plain S-T-U-P-I-D!!! I mean, if they want you to do that, they should at least give you ALL the information instead of leaving vital things out and expect you to answer correctly. UGH!!!
    And English/Language Arts-Writting is awful, too! Worse than poetry! I write my own fanfics and a few original works (take out the fact I've never finished any that weren't one-shots), yet I canNOT, for the life of me, do writting assignments. Seriously. I do awful. It's just the pressure gets to me, and the fact I can't do my own thing and be creative. I HAVE to include (just an example) vampires in the second sentence and sheep in the fifth sentence and be sure I don't overuse certain words while I descibe why a woman is walking in town at night on a summer evening - oh, and it all has to be a short, half a page paragraph. *fake smile* . . . UGH!!! How can anyone expect me to write a short story that's worth at LEAST a B with all those limits? UGH!!!!!!!!
    Math is getting on my nerves a bit, too - though, at least with math I can actually find SOME way to get the answer without tearing my hair out (not literally, of course.)!
    *heavy sigh* . . . But anyway. . . . No. I don't have any exams just yet. Actually, I'm not even sure when I will. I'm just going with the flow and doing my assignments. =_=

    So what's going on with you? Anything new or gone to any more conventions since our last chat?
    Terribly. Late. Reply. SORRY!!! SO. SORRY!!! T___T"
    . . . Ooh. Long reply. Okie dokie; here goes. . . .

    Lol. So true. Honestly, I wish I was a couple of years younger again, so I wouldn't have to worry about life just yet. Haha. But ah, well. Thanks. :)
    That sucks, but I think we're in the same boat. It's only getting hotter here, and I'm seriously DREADING the times I KNOW my mom and sister are going to drag me outside instead of staying "cooped up" all the time. I mean, couldn't they do that in the Fall or better yet, Winter? WHY Spring and Summer?
    At least you have a lake near you. Even if it's hot, the lake still gives a cool breeze. Nice. ~w~ But yeah. Running. . . . Yikes. XD They didn't make you do jumping jacks and push-ups, too, did they? XD

    *blinks* . . . Wow. . . . Hehehe. Sounds like a lot going on. The twin sister thing reminded me of something I read on AOL; that a woman cut "it" off her husband while he was asleep. I forgot the reason why. I think she was just angry or something. . . . But anyway . . .
    ROFL I'd have loved to see your reaction. Those are usually the best kinds. XD Hahaha. But thanks. Lol.

    :D My new bestie~! <3 Yay! *hugz* Finally! Someone who understands and is open to different things and anime especially! x3 And lol. It should! It probably took decades to come up with that trick! XD
    It made perfect sense. The kinda sad thing is that most of the time, yes, their dream world is just that, a dream - and they find that out, but the sad part is that they end up getting that too perfect ending, anyway. *sigh* At least have ONE thing that they couldn't have after all. That's all I ask.
    Really? *eyes sparkle* I think that's FANTASTIC! :D You don't know how much of a hard time I have trying not to bite some guy's head off the second he finds out I recommended a romantic anime to him - despite my saying it has plenty of action or humor or that the romance is actually very little and a side thing! Ugh! Like seriously, why would I recommend a PURE romance to a guy? I know the drill, geez. (As in, if you're going to force a guy to watch a romance, don't tell him about it, pop the movie in, and keep asking him questions to the point he'd rather watch the movie. LOL) *ends rant* . . .
    But anyway. . . . Lol. Yeah. Understandable. Actually, Sekaiichi was my first yaoi anime, and I was like, O__________________________________O at every episode. LOL
    Pita-Ten is a very cute anime, but the manga is WAAAAY different! I'm talking darkness, deaths, and EPIC drama! (I reread select volumes quite a lot. Hehe.)
    Cool! :D

    True, but sometimes it gets a little annoying because the girls are usually ditz and wishy-washy. It's the more laid-back and/or dark animes that have the cool, level-headed girls, though usually as side-kicks. . . . (Is it so hard to get girl power that doesn't involve a guy? Like really?)
    Agreed! Hands down! Ugh, darn subs!

    . . . *lets go the urge to complain about the many animes* . . . I've heard The World God Only Knows, Soul Eater and Hellsing are good. :) And lol. When I saw Hell's Kitchen, I was thinking, "I thought he was giving me a list of anime, not reality shows!" LOL But I love the reality show, so I'm definitely going to check out the manga if it's kinda similar. Lol. Thanks!
    Sorry for the late reply! I've been having another potential stress-filled battle about careers - which I think I've almost overcome, but now the hard part is convincing my mom. . . . But anyway --

    Lol. Exactly. I think it's SO much more easier to get warm than it is to cool off! It's started getting warmer here to the point I can't even get a good work out in because the house gets so hot - even with the fan on full blast. DX

    Lol. Although there's a death in most of the episodes, Another is mostly a mystery. And don't worry. There's no canibalism. :) And what was that canibalism anime like? Was it like way graphic, or off-screen violence or what? (Don't get me wrong; yes I'm curious with a mild interest, but if it's like . . . stupid-graphic-nastiness-that-rivals-live-action-shows/movies, then I don't want to see it! XDDX)
    'Welcome. ^ ^ I'm not too surprised. Glass Mask doesn't exactly have the . . . look? that draws people in. It took my sis a good while to convince me to watch it. Lol. Especially with the slow beginning.

    Fruits Basket is great, and it has a lot of great advice for life~ Let me say, though, that the anime is light-hearted, where as the manga gets DARK and losing a LOT of the light-heartedness sometime after volume 6 (still great, though. I'm always rereading select parts. :3).
    Cool! :D And yes! Cowboy Bebop is cool, too! It was one of my very first animes that I really followed~
    If you're interested in romantic (and incredibly funny) comedies:
    Sekaiichi Hatsukoi (yaoi)
    Junjou Romantica (yaoi)

    Or if you want plain comedies:
    Azumanga Daioh

    Or action/romance:
    Kamichma Karin
    Tokyo Mew Mew
    Save Me Lolipop (I only watched the first episode, but I'm pretty sure it falls in this category. . . .)

    Or if you want mystery:
    Gosick (though heavy with comedy and light romance)
    Case Closed, then Detective Conan (I personally like the dub better, so. . . . )

    Other (ones I don't know what category to put under since I didn't get far enough to have a solid clue):
    Durarara!!! (I'm thinking it would be under inspirational. . . .)

    That's it. . . . I think there's others, but I can't think of them right now. I'm brain dead. ^ ^; And I just realized how many girl-based animes I watch. . . . But they're really good, though. Most of the ones under inspirational are yes, cutesy, but are just as deep and in depth to balance it. Which is why I never complain about the cutesiness. Lol
    Also, if they have the dub versions, watch those. The subs either don't get as deep, or just plain suck, so. . . .
    Cold. Very cold. XD But I seriously prefer it than the heat. I'm dreading when it turns Spring, and don't even get me started on Summer. DX

    Pfft. There's plenty. I'm just going to name my recommendations, even if I have already just to make my life easier, 'kay?
    If you want horror and like gore, I'd recommend:
    Another (this also has mystery)
    Or if you want something more tamed, there's Higurashi When They Cry (I don't get how people think it's more graphic than Another. I really don't.)

    If you want inspirational to the point it takes you on a journey, watch (ones with '+' means MAJOR inspirational):
    Kaleido Star+ (it gets deep and dark-ish during the second half, while the first half is cutesy but very inspiring still. The first half of the second season is almost nothing but dark, though, while the second half picks back up on MAJOR inspiration.)
    Glass Mask+ (involves some rather violent slaps, lol)
    Petite Princess Yucie (it has its MAJOR inspirational episodes, but in general, I don't think so. . . .)
    Pretear+ (with some action)
    Full Moon+ (It gets deep and sad during the second half. They didn't finish dubbing it, so the series continues in subs)
    Letter Bee+ (at first I didn't think so, but thinking about it, Lag is so insistent to make everyone see the (possible) truth, so yeah, it is inspirational)
    Fruits Basket+ (also extremely funny)
    Lilpri (very, very cutesy, but has great songs. Lol)
    Shugo Chara+ (cute, great songs, funny, and very semi-indirectly inspiration)

    If you want action, there's:
    Yu Yu Hakusho
    Dragon Ball series
    Gundam series
    Cowboy Bebop
    Black Butler (Only watched three episodes, but I hear it's dark and actiony.)
    ^ ^
    Mm. Nothin really. Just the usual (i.e laying around daydreaming, homework, watching anime, playing with the dogs (usually Hachi), etc.).
    Yeah. Like why mess with something people like? I mean, unless there were a lot of negative reactions from beginning, you really shouldn't mess with a character.
    ^ ^ 'Welcome.
    Lately Ebay has been my best friend, if you haven't gathered that already with my many references. Lol.
    Hm? Like do I have plans for the week or something?
    Lol. Yeah.
    *dramatic gasp* Seriously!? As soon as Rem opened her - his? - mouth I was like, "*jaw drop* Rem's a guy!" I was so disappointed. Everytime Rem came into a scene, I was thinking, "How could they!? I like(d?) Rem!" *pout*
    Well, that's cool. I guess I'll look into that movie then.

    ^ ^ That's what the internet is for. My fave anime sites are Crunchyroll (the same site that I gave you for Letter Bee) and Anime Freak TV. Sometimes I go on this site as well, when Anime Freak doesn't have a particular anime I'm looking for, or the dub version of an anime (if I know they made one, anyway.).
    And they have pretty good prices on Ebay, I've seen. $20-$40 for a complete series, and yeah.
    :D Yay! ^ ^
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