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  • Ah, keep trying. I'm sure he'll get hooked everytually. :D
    Mm-hmm. . . . And in all honestly, Light should have been dead, or at least passed out a long time ago with all that blood loss. I know you just have to go along with it most times in anime/manga, but take out the magical stuff like the Death Note and Shinigami stuff, Death Note was pretty realistic, and I thought the scene where Ryuk writes Light's name could've been more epic. . . .
    And yes. I loved the graphics they had with Ryuk and Rem, though I hate how they turned Rem into a guy. *frown*
    Ah. I see. It would be cool if that Shinigami was really Light, then he'd probably try to raise hell on Earth. Lol.
    I was so surprised with the ex-FBI woman and Light's girlfriend scene. I think that was the most shocking twist of the two movies, in my opinion (considering I was wishing for L to win as an alternate ending.).

    Mm. . . . Well, as far as "lately" is concerned, I'm always rewatching some of my faves that we have on DVD, like, Tokyo Mew Mew, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Yu Yu Hakusho, Lilpri (though I haven't finished the series yet), Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, Kaleido Star (usually the second season, New Wings), Case Closed, Fruits Basket, Pretear, and Petite Princess Yucie (I really need to get the full series. . . .). They never get old for me, so. . . . Now the unfinished ones are a completely differently story (for the most part). *frown* Then I have plently in my "Future Watch" list. . . . *sigh*
    Lol. So are there any other strange homemade remedies you know?
    Lol. Maybe you just need to find the right anime for him; it might be a kinda random genre, like inspirational or suspense/horror or something?
    Oh, I don't mind him turning psycho, it was just the fact that he couldn't even keep his cool just a bit in the "final battle." I can put the FBI agents and his father under his craziness, fine, but when it comes to the ending . . . I seriously lost my respect for him. I keep thinking, "This is what the self-proclaimed, 'God of the New World' has become?" every time I think of the scene.
    I haven't seen that movie. I thought it was really just a recap, and so didn't think it was worth seeing it. But I have seen the live action movies (actually, we just watched the second one. Death Note: The Last Name today). They were great, even with the 360 twists in both movies! And it was funny. While my sis went to get a drink in the middle of the movie, I was telling our mom how I wished they would've done alternate endings with L winning, with Light killing Near, and with Mello and Near working together and winning against Kira, then comes to find out, near the ending, my jaw dropped. My wish came true~!~!~! *squeals while bouncing in seat*

    Hahaha! Uh-huh. Sure. *smirk* Good thing you weren't making lasagne, then you'd really be in the danger zone. Hehehe. x3
    Lol. Yeah. I get it.
    Yeah. It took forever to get my mom into anime. She started warming up to it when we found the right animes, but Naruto, I think, is what got her hooked - to be specific, it was the episode Gaara was fighting Kimimaru (one of my fave eps as well. Lol.).
    Lol. That would be fun. Never a dull moment with a laid back yet very random friend. XD
    Ah, another anime. *adds to 'Future Watch' list* Lol.
    So what did you think about the ending to Death Note, if you remember? My respect Light was kinda dimming slightly since he killed the FBI agents, and even more when he practically killed his father, but I think it really lowered in the last episode. Like really. What happened to the strong Light Yagami we all watched since the beginning? Lowered to rolling in his own blood and whimpering and whining like a lost puppy. *frown* Oh, but I was pleasantly surprised with the young, useless guy - I forgot his name. Ya know, I think he was the recent officer on the force or something. He finally did something useful. ^ ^

    Ahh. . . . And you guys tried it? *blink* . . . Hahahaha. Yeah. Random, indeed. Hehe. And I'll believe that. I'm pretty sure my sister would look at me weird if she saw me grab toothpaste after getting burned. XD
    And gotta love the excuses! Haha!
    No probs. No need for apologies. Don't feel that you have to come on every day or something, I understand. ;)
    Haha. I've tried, but my attention span just disappears after three pages. XD My mom and sis watch the anime, though, so they keep me updated. :p
    Yes! Do it! Watch the second half! See how cool Mello is! XD And yeah, I liked that scene too! Obviously they wouldn't be the best of friends chained up like that, but I never thought they'd actually fight! O_O Who knew Light could throw a punch like that? And I almost felt that kick L gave him. XD But as much and as many of the epic L scenes I love, I think my favorite is when he thought Light wanted some of his cake and offered it to him, with the most innocent and happy look on his face. XDDD Oh, or maybe it's the scene where he gave a strawberry to someone (I forgot who) in exchange for keeping their mouth shut, I think it was. Lol. So random. Gotta love L.

    Lol. That's why I usually give the official descriptions for things unless it's a straightforward thing I can handle. ^ ^ And sweet! Okay, then. Darker than Black it is. :D

    Hm. That's good to know. I'll remember that next time I touch the oven. XD How did you come up with a toothpaste remedy?
    Same here, but I don't think I'll sacrifice my life just to learn how to swim. XD
    Yeah. I think the only anime/manga that can get away with it is Naruto. Many writers, but you can still see it as Naruto, not something else. Yes, twenty million fillers, but at least a lot of them are funny or cool. Just Naruto, I mean, not including Shippuden. Haven't really seen it.
    *dramatic gasp* You can't remember Mello?! He was the leader of a gang, wore fabulous feathers, never stopped eating chocolate bars, looked a bit creepy, and got Kira's methods waaaaaay faster and BETTER than L ever did!! And you can't remember him!? *faints* (I still like L better than Mello, though. No one can beat Monkey Man!! XD)

    Whether you butchered it or not, I think it sounds intriguing. Thanks for the wiki's, they look good. I'll definitely check one of the shows out soon. ^ ^

    *furrows brows* Toothpaste for burns?
    Lol. You better run then. XD That just reminded me of a line I heard the other day, "I did not learn how to swim because of training; I learned because there were crocodiles in the water." XDDD
    ^ ^
    You're welcome. ^ ^ And tell me about it! Is it so hard to explain everything or at least imply it? Hell. They can leave out the entire question to begin with just to avoid the disappointing ending. I swear. If I ever stop being lazy and write a book, I'm not going leave anything out, then I'll go up to some creators of those bad ending books/animes/etc. and be like, "THIS is how you end something!! Take notes and start using them!!" XD
    :D I saw a clip of One Piece for like two seconds, but it didn't keep my attention. Maybe I came in at a bad part? Like I did with Naruto? *ponders this*
    I've watched and finished Death Note; love it~! Though I was a bit disappointed about Mello and Near. Love Mello, but he didn't get much screen time; and Near, I had absolutely no connection with him and so didn't care for him much. I wish the two had actually worked together directly. I thought that was going to happen the second I saw them. *frown*
    Heard of Darker than Black and Gurren Lagann, but have no clue what they're about. Unfortunately, I have too many animes on my plate to look into them. *sigh*

    Oh, did I? ^ ^; Ah, well.
    Lol. Yeah. They do all of the "Tales of" games - no, nevermind. I know of one or two that aren't related to the "Tales of" series, but have 'Tales of' in the title.... But you can tell at a glance which are from the "Tales of" series and which aren't; by the drawing and vibe and all, ya know?
    Well, look on the bright side. You're not alone. At least you have a specialty shop around. Makes finding things more probable before using the last resort: Internet. So seriously, it could be so much worse.
    Hahaha. It is. You should check it out some time. ;D

    So long as you don't burn yourself or get mistaken for lunch by a lion or wolf, that is. *smirk* Lol. But sounds cool. McDonald's will never do you wrong in starting 'small', then comes local diner, restraunt, etc.
    Eh. They talk a lot about the gameplay, but they leave out the story. You think it's going one way and predictable like most games and shows, but at one point it does a 180 turn. The story's also quite complex.
    Lloyd Irving is the main character, but you can play as the other seven(eight) characters if you like, so long as they're in your party at the time. Every character is an individual and they're all loveable (some more than others, but that's just my opinion).
    Possibly best of all, no one is a "just there" character. They all have their own stories and reasons to come along with the main group. *ends fangirl mode*
    Unfortunately, because it's so old, you'll have a hard time finding it in stores, if you can at all. *sigh* There's some on Ebay for reasonable prices, though.
    They also did a sequel, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World for the Wii, and you'll definitely find that one in stores. It's a good game, but it doesn't even come CLOSE to comparing to the original!! I'm not just saying that, seriously. It's a washed down verson; the puzzles are pretty easy, unlike the first game, and the story is predictable and soooo not as deep. And I hate most of the new voices they gave the original characters! Ugh! Plus, Marta is sooooooo annoying! Talk about clingy! *ends rant*
    Uh . . . despite how I make it sound, the sequel is a good game. I recommend it even for those who hasn't played the first game.

    :D As a chef or waiter? And if you want to knock out two birds with one stone, you could be one of those hotel critics, then they'll pay you travel around. XD
    You should! It's so good. Here. Tegami Bachi Letter Bee It's definitely one of those animes you can debate about, and it's a little confusing a times, but is really deep~ I was disappointed at the ending, though. They left out a MAJOR detail that's been said or reminded throughout the entire show! DX And the fact that ___ suddenly turned ____ at the last second with absolutely no warning or build up is just kinda random. Hmph. *ends rant* . . . *bright again* Besides all that, it's a good show! XD

    *eyes sparkle as I go into fangirl mode* She's from the Game Cube game, Tales of Symphonia. My most favorite game of all time~! Here's the Gamestop description:
    Tales of Symphonia, exclusive to the Nintendo GameCube, is Namco's latest chapter in the Tales universe. A fully immersive 3D experience comes to life as an adventure unfolds that will place the existence of two worlds in the balance.
    How much are you willing to sacrifice for the chance to save your world? In a dying village on Sylvarant, legend has it that a Chosen One will one day appear from amongst the people and the land will be reborn. Enter a world of beautiful cel-shaded graphics and high-quality Anime cut scenes by renowned artist Kosuke Fujishima.
    Command real-time battles in a unique 3D battle system that gives you full control over the characters. Execute and combine hundreds of special attacks and magic spells. The line between good and evil blurs in this immersive, emotionally charged epic adventure where the fate of two interlocked worlds hangs in the balance.
    True, but then again, because it's 'easier', you would get the hard stuff faster.
    Cool! See? Now that makes your life just a bit easier when it comes to that car. ^.^

    Heh heh. I wish they would dub Letter Bee, cause I'd love to see the English voice actor act as Lag. LOL Especially in one of his infamous crying fits, I would request that. XD

    You'd be surprised at how many people at conventions try to hide. Lol. My mom wanted a picture of a group of Naruto cosplayers, and the look they gave her was like, "What? . . . She wants a picture? . . . of us? . . . Really?" LOL. It was so cute. There was a few others like that, too.
    I cosplayed at my first anime convention. I'm usually so shy around other people and try to avoid them as best as I can, but that (kinda) changed at the convention. A couple of people even asked for my picture (and my mom says others yelled across the room to get my attention, but I seriously had no clue. . . .). Of course, that's mainly because I was like the only Sheena in the whole place . . . but that's how much better I felt, considering I thought the sky would fall before I was actually half-way comfortable with people. . . . I was still awkward, mind you. Don't forget that.
    My point being, you'll feel like a different person when you cosplay.

    Lol. Yes. Definitely. Luckily Valentine's Day and Halloween aren't as crazy. ^ ^
    Yeppers. And good idea, but unfortunately we don't live close to places like that, I don't have my license yet, and besides, we don't have an extra car. *pout* On the bright side, I'm going to start selling stuff on Ebay, so it's not like I'll be completely useless. Lol.

    Haha. Got that right.

    So are you thinking of going to college or something? Or just content with things and avoiding more school?
    Meh. Not really. I'm homeschooled, so I don't know anybody, hence, I won't miss catching up 'easily'. Lol.
    Hm. Well, there's always Ebay. There might be parts there. Or, if need be, there's those car junkyards. You can always find parts there, right?

    Cool! :D Lucky! I wish I could meet some of the voice actors who voice my favorite animes~ x3 And you should cosplay some time! It's so fun; especially the part where it gives you an excuse to act like the character without people raising an eyebrow. Haha!

    Ha. I only had two people (and four animals) to give gifts to, but the problem is that we live in a small house, and we're all sneaky, so hiding gifts isn't exactly the easiest thing to do in this house. XD
    Lol. Sounds like you had a crazy work schedule. But more hours mean more money! Cha-ching! XDDD

    I was thinking about working, but my sleeping schedule is terrible, if not the worst in the world, so I can't really do a job's schedule. Instead, yeah, I am focusing on school, and I'm thinking about voluteering at an animal shelter sometime this year. Right now I'm trying to decide what I want to do as a career; it keeps changing every week. ^ ^;
    ^ ^
    Lucky. I wish I was out of school. *pout*
    Ah. Did you fix it yet? Or is it still winning the battle? XD
    Cool! It's been like two years since I've been to an anime convention. Did you cosplay at any? :3

    It's okay. I'm a pro at disappearing for long periods of time myself, so don't worry about it. Haha. Besides, I've been growing out of Serebii some anyway.
    Anywho. Okay, I guess. Not much to say about the year, except I'm glad the Christmas season is over and done with for now. It was such a pain getting gifts and hiding them from everybody. Lol. ^ ^
    *blinks twice* Wow. That's an understatement. Lol. It has been a long time. XD
    It's been all right. Sorry I didn't reply sooner, I've been growing out of Serebii, only coming by once and a while;
    But good to see ya! How have you been? ^ ^
    Lucky~ :p And thanks. Good luck to you too with the chef and photography! :D

    XD So true~ Plus, you can have as much as you want and no one can protest because you're the chef! XDDD

    Ooh, and it could be in cool shapes for frames, lockets, or blowups! 8D

    Lol. Christmas isn't for another two months. Haha! But okay! ^.^
    XD Will do sooner or later. Oh, and you watch Higurashi When They Cry. XD
    Hehe, In that case, don't let being nervous get in the way of trying something new. ;) I'm extremely shy when I go outside or do things in front of people (even my own mother), so it's ironic how I want to be an actress (I'm so messed up, lol.). . . . Hmm. Maybe doing the things that'd be our polar opposites could actually help. . . . XD

    Sweet! (No pun intended, lol) 8D A pastry chef is great! And it would be awesome to experiment and create new recipes~ ♥ Yeah, it would be a huge challenge, but the end result should be even more fulfilling because of that, no? . . . Haha! It's funny though, because I've craving some cake for the passed week. XD

    Ah, nice. Well, to add to that, I suggest taking pictures of the sky~ The clouds really look beautiful if you catch them at the right time and place. :D Plus, people flip for awesome nature shots that are completely natural. XD

    No prob. The internet hasn't been very cooperative lately for me anyway. XD
    Heh heh. Yeah. You'd mostly likely have to talk French in life before Japanese. XD

    Mm. Good question. XD Well, as for the future. . . . *sigh* I have a lot of things I want to do, but I'll probably end up being a wedding planner (though I'm so not a fan of weddings) - that is, if my acting (in theatre) carreer doesn't take off.
    Currently, though, I'm trying to write a couple of books (But I get bored so easily, so I already know it's not going to work out. -_-" I need motivation. . . .). . . . But it's funny. I was thinking about cooking and photography too. XD

    When you said a cook, what kind did you mean? A chef? Pastry chef (♥)? A mix of the two (cooks really should, to avoid disadvantages. . . .)? And what would you take pictures of? Animals? People? Nature? Buildings? Hmm? XD
    XD At least you can read it - even if you can't understand it. XD Haha! With all the kanji and something else I can't remember. XD But learning Japanese is cool! Then you won't need subtitles. xP
    Hehe. As long as we don't go into a profession that needs math, I think we're good. XD
    Lol. I think you have the right plan of action. If you stress out about something too much, you end up forgetting everything. XD Hehehe~ And really? I've thought Biology was one of the easiest subjects - compared to Math and Science, anyway. (obviously, those are my worst subjects. Lol.) And you can't be that bad in school if you're in your last year. If you were that bad, however, you'd be held back some years. XD

    83 Sometimes I wonder where us anime-lovers would be if anime never existed? XD
    Mmmeh. As stated above, Math is not my best subject. I used to have such a good memory, but it seems everything I'm learning now is just going in one ear and out the other. *sigh* I get by somehow, though.
    I'm learning French. It's fairly easy, but I still don't get a sentence or two of what they're talking about, and I highly doubt I ever will. Haha. ^ ^;
    LOL Well, at least you get cooled off and still enjoy the outdoors. xP So school getting tougher now or are you breezing through it, wanting a better challenge? XD

    Cool! ^ ^ And yeah. It's always sad when an anime - or manga - ends. *sigh* It makes you want to rewatch - or reread - the series, but at the same time, you want to check something else out. . . . But on the other hand, the ending itself could be disappointing, and makes you less sad about the series' end. Hmm. . . . XD Lol.

    XD Good then! XD I hope you enjoy it if you play it!
    Lol. Yep. Born American here. :p And that's right. . . . People do love swimming in the Summer, don't they? Lol. I can't swim, so I normally hide in the house somewhere to escape the heat. XDDD
    And a good thing about the cold is that there's no bugs! XDDD

    :D I'll check Full Metal Alchemist out as soon as my laptop starts acting right again. XD As for Naruto Shippuden, my mom and sis watches it. I've seen a couple of episodes, and it's cool, but the "twenty-something" minutes feels like an hour for me. T__T" I have to be in the mood for it. But I did love the . . . Jaraiya or however you spell his name saga. XDDD
    Well, while we're on the subject of animes, I recommend Durarara! I'm only on episode five or something myself, but it's so addicting! I have no clue where it's going as far as plot is concerned, but eh. It doesn't need it. XD

    8D Sweet! In that case, let me give you the head's up: you have to play at least an hour or two of the game before it starts getting into the plot - cause, you know, introductions and whatnot. :p
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