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Poke Trainer J
Last Activity:
Dec 4, 2019 at 9:18 AM
Jun 16, 2010
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Poke Trainer J

Well-Known Member

Poke Trainer J was last seen:
Dec 4, 2019 at 9:18 AM
    1. EKZ1505
      Unfortunately I have two of my own of both the Jirachi and the Manaphy, and a competitive Zekrom that is from ORAS (so it can actually be used in VGC). I'm generally not after legendaries from previous generations unless there's something unique about them (like they know Defog, for example). Do you have any other events that I don't have already?
    2. EKZ1505
      Yeah I just saw it. They're definitely up for trade. What events are the Jirachi and Manaphy from? And where is the Zekrom from?
    3. Trainer Yusuf
      Trainer Yusuf
      I feel like Nintendo's current business practices of appealing to a young demographic of gamers while sweeping the old demographic of gamers that's followed them since they saved the video game industry 31 years ago under the rug has gone to backfire on them.
      I think we should not ignore that a significant portion of the older fanbase are composed of people like this.
    4. Mitosi
      I think you're still missing Glameow, I just noticed that I forgot to breed it... Can you still trade in ~5 minutes?
    5. Mitosi
      Just give me a moment to get my Pokes from the bank and we can trade. =)
    6. Naoto Shirogane
      Naoto Shirogane
      thanks and enjoy :)
    7. Naoto Shirogane
      Naoto Shirogane
      says your in a trade
    8. Naoto Shirogane
      Naoto Shirogane
      added be online now whats your ign?
    9. Naoto Shirogane
    10. Naoto Shirogane
      Naoto Shirogane
      yes but like i said cannot breed till monday so let you know when i have it
    11. Doobius
      welcome. good luck on your hunt.
    12. Doobius
      no, i'll be on in a sec. finishing something up on the global link.
    13. Doobius
      i'll give you a ditto too. i'll be on in a few.
    14. Doobius
      you sir are in luck. i have a modest synchronize. you can have it.
    15. Kevin24
      dw zapdos hasn't been released
    16. I-am-the-peel
      Hey, I've got a couple of ev trained pokemon and I've read your post on the ev trained thread. Your Machamp sounds really interesting; what is it's ev spread and what is it's movepool?

      If your interested, I have a couple of ev trained pokemon that we could trade over. Message me back if your interested :)
    17. koolaidman594
      yeah no worries man
    18. Poke Trainer J
      Poke Trainer J
      It's cool, don't worry about.
    19. koolaidman594
      yeah, sorry man i was talking to my dad
    20. Kevin24
      all female dw starters and offspring from female dw starters are hacks. dw starters were released as male only
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