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  • I saw your post in the 4th Gen Hack-Check thread regarding your Japanese Deoxys, and somehow have the urge to reply in here xD

    It's fine, IMO. Nothing seems wrong with it. Hope you haven't ditch it yet :p
    Hey i've cloned your shiny charmander and cyndaquil
    pm me when you're on:)
    Saw you needed PokeShifting. Checking to see if you still need help doing so. c:
    I saw your post here

    You said your Zard is Adamant.
    Those moves are for a Modest/Timid Charizard, not an Adamant one.
    So if you want to use those moves, I suggest getting a Modest/Timid one via breeding :)

    And I also saw your posts in the singles rate thread. Training up a new Charizard is easy in B/W, due to the new exp system and a ton of trainers with high level Pokemon you can battle daily. Not to mention you get free Lucky Egg in B/W.

    As for your worry for Dragon Pulse, you can pass Dragon Pulse from Axew line via breeding.
    Get a female Charmander or use the Charizard if it is female, and breed it with a male Axew/Fraxure/Haxorus who knows Dragon Pulse. The offspring will be a Charmander knowing Dragon Pulse.

    Axew line learns Dragon Pulse via level-up, so it is not that hard to be able to pass it to Charmander.
    And if the Charizard is male, simply breed it with a Ditto (found in Giant Chasm) until you get a female offspring.

    this is just a suggestion from me, though, you can ignore it if you want :)
    Hello Poke_Mania97, I saw that you needed Pokeshifting help and was wondering if you still needed help. :)
    awesomeness! my name means a person of awesome intellect who shows good character, charm, wit and good manners in everything he does, so you can just call me God of Intellect
    Hey, I'd check with a mod to see if your sig is ok. Seems a bit big to me and I'd hate for you to get in trouble over a signature. Not really my business but I'd thought I'd let you know.
    because i cant get that many of each card mate! and to me the phrase "Rate My Deck" seems to ask to JUST RATE it not to modify ti and post useless lists that i cant get.

    I mean it is good to help modify it but you should also rate it!
    Seriously, I have a question to ask:

    What's the point of posting a deck in "rate My Deck" if you're not willing to change it?
    hmmm, im not very sure, but i heard that SkittyonWailord said that for the 2009/2010 championship, u can use the cards from d/p to the curent hgss one. and the metagross from sv is still usable
    Would the Metagross from Supreme Victors still be usable after the new decks are released. I was also wondering if I should wait until the new decks are released before I purchase any cards?
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