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    Hey! That's great you got the cards I hope you like them. I'm just waiting on yours but they should arive soon. Like I said I'm in seatle so I'm getting my bro to contact me when they come. Sorry for the blank pm I'm on an iPod touch so I can't propely pm you for some reason lol. I'm going to update my haves when I get back so if your interested in another trade pm me anytime.
    Hey missy, haven't seen you on for a while. How've you been? Oh yeah, If you get a chance, could you check out the new fanfic I posted? It's the second link in my sig, I'd just like some feedback befor I post my next chapter.
    Hey, I'm leaving to Seatle for a week so I won't know when I get your cards but my brother will be here. So PM me anyway when you get my cards cause I will have internet. Can't wait to see them :D
    Hey I have a bunch of the cards you want. Check out the Haves thread to see what I have and PM me back if your interested in trading.
    pichu: how shold we get her this time?
    Me: I have an Idea!

    Missy: is anyone here? hello?
    Me: *jumps up otta nowhere* I am the ghost of christmas future~!
    Missy: kyaaaaa! don't take tiny tim! *runs*
    Pichu: that was pretty good, waddya think you could do with a fruit hat?
    Me: one step ahead of you *pulls on wetsuit*
    Me: hey Pichu, you got the toliet paper?
    Pichu: yuhhuh *wraps Nightning up too look like a mummy*
    Me: heheh this'll be fun!
    Missy: KYAAAA!
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