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  • WOW you are so brave to go through stuff like that. I never thought that people could be like that. Alex is writting and drawling a comic about revelations. His original story was so he could tell about how pokemon are connected to hebrew mythology and is tying to prove many points to people who don't understand God.Some of the characters are real people and I was wondering if you would like to be a part of it. He has a very clear picture in his head about the story itself now,especially since he now knows you can't kill the antichrist. Many things also tie in with pokemon also by how their world came to be,what was giratina,why the hoen legendaries live and how God will save the Earth from evil.
    We have a wish also to go back to his homeland of Isreal after the rapture events are over. I would like to visit but thier country isnt very safe because of all the fights that go on :(. Once Jesus comes back we will visit there,or even better we may live there! But that is after Jesus comes back to save us all.
    hey there, just checking to see whats up. do you mention the antichrist towards the people you help? if not well i think it would be a good start so we may have many people avoid the 7 years of darkness. and if you want to know what cherry meant ill tell u about the dream.
    What were they like? I want to know what happens in your sticky situations. If you ever have a prayer request we will take it and pray for you also! May God always shine light in the darkness of the cave for you!
    one question, have you been in a dangerous situation before while working as a missionary? i just wonder because of how some people just think that jesus is a bunch of garbage,however i am very supportive to alex and our faith in christ grows stronger when he introduced me to alex in dreams. jesus really is gods son and we shall follow him to the end and beyond. without god alex and i would never know eachother. Evenless fall in love. Dreams with god are always real dreams.especially from what alex asked god when he was about to fall asleep.
    Hello, that is great to hear that you are a missionary and you have been to many different countries. Maybe when the end times are over and we come back to this world we all can go travel together.
    Yes I enjoyed all of it! My joy has lead me to many places. My adventures have been very exciting! I am very poor in money so instead of buying clothes i use leaves while i am in warm climates and when i am in cold places i use the fur so it can keep me warm. That is, after I eat the food it gives me [meat yay!] so on top of the leaves is a fur coat but then sometimes people buy me sweats so i can keep warm. My parents are back home and I don't wear girls clothes because it makes me feel all wierd and fancy, I don't get along with fancy so lots of people around me stare at me when i go into towns and civilized places. I guess being a person who grew up in a jungle,was taught about God and runs among forests with nothing at all makes me really strainge. Oh well that fact doesnt matter right now and maybe when I finally find Alex after many years of being seperated from each other I hope that my journey is over since I really dislike cold and want to live with him.
    Hey that reminds me that if you need advice on pokemon,ask SUPERSAIYANALEX! He is an expert on pokemon and also my crush!
    I'm doing great! My hike is over and well it reminds me of when I lived in the jungle back home. I am currently looking for my boyfriend who lives in Washington state. He enjoys hiking also. Well my goal is to move in with him and help him in his training so he can control himself. :)
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