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  • Happy New Year to you too :)

    Um, no, don't lie. We all know that you said that; you've just obviously deleted the VM or something. And it's obviously in your writing style and even has that ' ;P ' smiley face so yeah.
    Um, yes we did.

    So is this like a contest? The loser buys the winner dinner, so you better keep some money ready ;P
    AHA I WIN IN THE BATTLE OF THE ajskdfhaiu3ehrfhbg as it shall now be known by in the history books.

    Oh, Bracewell, right. I was sort of close-ish. -Ish. No clue where I got Broadstock from though.

    WE SHALL SEE. And while we wait for that day, could you please join this forum? Some friends of mine made it and they're looking for new members. /shameless advertising

    I agree that they deserved to win especially given that bowler's great spell (I forget his name...was it Broadstock?) but yeah.

    *pats head* It's okay, one day you'll be suffering from POPULARITY OVERLOADDDDDD as well.

    It's amazingly intense.

    Pretty big turnaround by NZ, eh? (Honestly I had a feeling Warner would do something stupid and get out instead of Lyons at the end hahaha)

    /Sorry, I somehow missed your VM :S
    Eh, most anime these days are stale, but the ones I'm watching have a nice gritty element to them that just makes me squeal for more!
    Considering that I've been crying to everyone else on Serebii about it, hurr focking durr I'm pissy about Ingo and Emmet.
    Because all my favorite animes air on Thursday, I live for it. I'm more interested in Persona 4 and UN-GO than Best Wishes, but I still make the effort to watch it because I'm here everyday.
    That's Serebii forums for ya, people living out their fantasies.
    BTW, that PPL ho stalked my VMs with Innocent Bystander and took something I said as a quote for her sig, and she didn't even have the courtesy to respond to my PM about it. Nyeh!
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