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  • I am generally a mockingbird, figuratively.
    Look at the locations of most of the mad eejits on Serebii. What's the most common location?
    TBH I live in Ireland, but I say Oireland because that's how most Americans pronounce it.
    Also, I checked under my bed once......where's the party?

    Like seriously sometimes my heart stops as the ball rolls towards the jack and then takes a sharp turn inching ever closer. It's probably not good for my health, watching so much lawn bowls, but I just can't help it.
    I think everyone's like that, they all wear a cybernetic mask that closely guards their true identities.
    D'aww, spank you! *^_^*
    My parents always tell me that I should have some more tact, but believe me, I'm much more mellow IRL than I am on here. Maybe it's because you have some sense of freedom that you can't get anywhere outside the Internet, but eh.

    Even...lawn bowls? Yeah? I enjoy playing most sports but to be honest the only sports I (occasionally) watch and/or follow are footy, cricket and tennis. :3

    Yeah I really feel sorry for the guy :/ He definitely had real talent.

    This is the point where I say that I'm not as obsessed with cricket as you are :p

    Hahaha yeah it is quite incredible. Glad to see Victorians finally getting some love in terms of selection.

    Yeah it is. :)

    :p btw, Pattinson, former Haileyburian. Just saying.

    Sarcasm. (Although it did eventually clear up, which is nice.)

    It's called a scholarship :p

    Yeah, I'm just incredible. Great first day of Summer today.
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