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  • You'd think people would only troll on the same forum once and then move on with life but this john guy looks like he'll be back for more.

    You said you're the lucky one. Go win me some money please?

    Yeah, gotta love Melbourne's weather! The only thing you can predict about our weather is that it's totally unpredictable.

    Go buy a tattslotto ticket or something.

    GAH I hate this weather. Sizzling hot on Friday, disgustingly miserable today. D:

    Yes, ugh!
    Consider yourself to be the lucky one in your family, then.

    Hayfever. I get it every spring/early summer, and it's pretty irritating having itchy eyes, resulting in your eyes going red and puffy. akjsdhfkjasdf.
    amd,fak shfjku y iufhawjsef,dsfjlksdafjn,sahdjk.aklrsjfow3ique otia clejkfkvcdfng


    Hahaha :p
    Yeah? Why are you worried about that particular one?
    njekh f83o4ru ckfhjrelkgurioyg827o34u;tu3;jcfldz

    Well have fun with those exams, then :p
    Eh I've been pretty busy tbh with school and novel-writing and exams and blerrghhh.
    Luckyyy youuuu! Hahaha, yeah, especially with all these dark miserable days getting up - regardless of it being by your free will or because you have to - is really difficult.
    Pretty meh-ish, as I was sick. Got lots of rest, but I was down with the flu >.< What about yours?
    Probs won't go to school tomorrow as I'm not feeling 100% :| Luckyyyyy! Really looking forward to the long weekend though because I really want to sleep in :p
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