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  • Yupp, yes it is~
    I'm finding it impossibly hard to get out of bed in the morning. It's absolutely freeeeezing in the mornings now :|
    Yeah, things just add up and you realise you have absolutely no time. Hate it when that happens :/ I haven't played White in a few weeks...still yet to beat the elite four haha :p Lucky you~ Well, enjoy watching the dubs then. :] I'm hoping to do some drawing this weekend - it's been a while :]
    Haha :p
    Yeah, last week and this week (my last one was on Monday). They went pretty well
    Why thankyou :] I'm guessing you're heading into the busy period of uni?
    Professional Communication was the course, I think. I think.
    I can't remember the course she wrote down for me, but it was one that would enable me to be one of a teacher, author, journalist or PR officer :]
    Got my L's :D
    I'm not too sure why I picked it. I mean, I'm not going to go overseas to study, and I'm not an International student either. So I guess I just did it because I can :p And because the teacher who convinced me to do it was, well, reaaaaally convincing. Haha :p I had a careers interview. I think I actually know what I want to do when I finish school - SHOCK HORROR!
    Lucky ducky.
    Haha :p Thing is, if I don't catch up on work, I'm dead. I do IB, not VCE, where we're encouraged to think for ourselves. The teachers aren't necessarily strict (as in, they'd say 'do these exercises', but if it's class work some don't care whether you've done it or not: they'll find out come assignments/assessments/tests/exams) so they won't really push you to do non-assignment/assessment homework. I don't want to fail, so I kind of have to catch up :p It's hard, though (I didn't understand half of the work) so I can ask tomorrow ^.^
    Yay for you!

    I've been mega busy. I missed school on Monday as I was sick, and I'm still catching up with the work. Excursion today to the city (YAY) for a Spanish film festival, which was loads of fun, but thing is now there's even more to catch up on >.< Speaking of that, I better go do some Math homework :p

    And exams are in two weeks :|
    I was given a one-month ban because apparently my sig was p0rn, but the one-month ban was reversed and nobody told me what happened so I was left in teh dark and confused and asdkfhaskjhfghrogh,dfg. All while I was in school.
    Lucky ducky. School was fine today (had a maths test though) but I got quite the rollercoaster ride of shock when I came to SPPf today.
    I knew it, you've just been out this whole time, wanting to foil my plans. And to think I trusted you! *sniffle*
    Oh, wow. Well, I'll definitely be popping in to see who owns those cats, and I'll be hiring a new possum. I'll find you. One day.
    Wait. So your house isn't the one with that room filled with sixteen snarling cats? Well that's awkward.
    Yeah, that's right. You know how, last night, you heard that tapping sound on your window, and thought it was just the wind? Yeah, that's right. It wasn't the wind. It was a possum scratching against the window, installing a camera, so I could see you. Every minute of the --

    Whoops, almost revealed my evil plan, there.
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