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  • Yay! :D Hopefully I carry through with this :p
    Yeahhhh, you're definitely not some random guy. I know all about you more than you think I know...
    No problemo :]
    Perhaps, one day, perhaps :p
    Oh yeaaah, that's annoying. If I have free time and you want me to be a person to trade-your-Black-Pokemon-then-make-me-trade-it-to-your-White-file, let me know, too :]
    Tell me if you ever want anything. Once I beat the E4 and catch Dittos and whatnot, I want to do some DW Ability-breeding, so if you ever want anything just let me know :]
    Tales of Joseph, part 3 (?)
    It was my dad's birthday on Thursday, so Joseph wrote and drew in the card. When he gave the card to my Dad, my Dad asked "What's this P and 8 in the middle of the love heart?" My little brother laughed, replying, "That's a 4 and 8, 48." "Joseph, he's 49," I said.
    "I know! I just didn't know how to write a 9!"
    Yes, yes they are :D I'm personally a fan of smothering ice cream with chocolate sauce to be honest :]
    That place is really good! The time we went there, we went with my aunty and they were giving away 500g of prawns per adult, (I think it was) so she made us all collect our free prawns and ended up eating nothing but the prawns for the night. She likes prawns. Their desserts are great, though!
    Pffft, me, resorting to advertising a restaurant on a Pokemon forum? What nonsense! ^.^
    Haha, but you must try out Sante. It's yummy yummy. However, I've only really been to Sante and one other called the Kitchen Workshop or something, both are pretty good. That is all.
    Haha :p

    And the food is so good! And the desserts are even better :D My personal favourite is 'Sante', it's near one of the gambling places [:p] and it's...well...you know where all the 'cheap' takeaway shops are? It's a big further on from there, up some escalators. Great food, and my uncle's the head chef there too :]
    Long weekend here we come :D
    Haha :p Crown's cool - what, no! I don't gamble! But we go there for lunch or dinner occasionally. There are some really good buffet restaurants there =]
    He's pretty funny. We were driving today and he saw a group of birds on the ground. "WOW, look at that pile of birds!" I cracked up laughing xD
    Yeah, he's had problems with his knee for aaaages. :|

    Haha, I need to tell you a funny story: I have this little brother, who's 4. I teach him a bit of Spanish every now and then, because he likes speaking Spanish and telling people that he can speak Spanish xD Anyways, he was at Target with my dad and he told the cashier girl that he could speak Spanish. When they were leaving, the cashier said to him, "Adios, amigo!" My brother replied: "Si," which means 'yes'. xD
    I've been good, really busy though. My dad had an operation today up in Hawthorn and he'll be staying there till Saturday morning, so we spent a while today with him and will do the same on Thursday and Friday.
    Holidays are always good, though :]
    It was really fun to do, too :] Revenge has never felt better >:D MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA--
    So...how have you been? ^.^
    It's too late now. My heart is forever hardened towards Budew. My brother borrowed PokePark from a friend, and you can talk to Pokemon in it. I found a Budew, and made Pikachu run into it and send it flying. It fell down miles away, crying, and I made Pikachu go next to it and I took a photo. Muahahaha.
    But yeah, Cheryl's the most annoying person ever.
    Hahaha :p

    Well, I was playing Platinum, with a team of my Turtwig, Bidoof, Shinx and Starly, I believe. Bidoof was leading. I was in Eterna Forest with Cheryl, showing her around. I went into some grass, and saw a wild shiny Budew and a Buneary (double battle since I was with Cheryl). Bidoof couldn't hurt a fly, so I had two options: try and knock and Buneary with Bidoof and hope Chansey targets Buneary too, or kill Chansey, because the only way I could catch the Budew is if the Buneary was knocked out. I decided to hope Cheryl didn't act like a total idiot, so I attacked the Buneary. A bit of damage. Cheryl uses Egg Bomb on the Budew. At least it survived. I use Tackle on Buneary, and hope Cheryl uses Egg Bomb on Buneary too. But she attacks the Budew.

    I now hate Budew and Cheryl. Absolutely hate them.
    Haha :] Gotta love them there Easter eggs :D

    WHOA, a wild encounter one? THATS SO LUCKYYYYY! Have I told you my sad Shiny Budew tale?
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