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  • Nope :p
    That's good :] I've also been flooded with homework, unfortunately. Two more days till holidays though :D
    After Sehwag and Tendulkar were dismissed, I thought we had it in the bag. But nooooo, Gambhir and Dhoni just had to score 90! And to think I used to like Dhoni! Ugh!
    And on top of that, Essendon leads for the whole match against Sydney only to lose in the last few minutes -.-
    I hope Murali gets a proper send-off tonight by getting two hat-tricks and a century, as I predicted with a win over India :]
    The selectors really do have a thing against Victorians, though. David Hussey's a great player and is pretty consistent, at least he gets some matches, occasionally, and Peter Siddle gets quite a few matches as well. But practically the rest of the team is from NSW >.<
    Final today!
    He's 33? Whoaaa! I never knew that! He doesn't look that old though :p White's great, and I'm not too sure why he isn't a permanent member of the teams. He'd make a great captain as he's experienced in captaining sides. I always feel sorry for Hodge, though, because he never ever got a chance. At all. Poor guy.
    Well, alright, we'll see then. I don't think Clarke should've been given the captaincy. He's been in just a bad slump as Ponting and doesn't seem to be all too good a leader. Haddin seemed like a good candidate, to me, because he's got a bit of experience, is still 'young', and is consistently performing well.
    He's had a shocking year or two, though. Apart from that century against India, he's done very little to prove he's worthy of retaining that No 3 position. I say bring him down to bat at 4 or 5, so there's not a massive amount of pressure constantly piled on him to score, but now since he's no longer captain a lot of that pressure has been lifted off him.
    It would be funny xD
    I'm sure he will! :D
    So, how do you feel about Ponting's resignation from being captain?
    Hahaha xD

    Yay! It'd be great for Murali to take the last wicket in the final. Talk about a dream finish! Or he could take the last wicket in the final, in the first innings, and then after a collapse in Sri Lanka's batting order, he can score a century to win the match haha
    Yeah, you can! A draw still counts as a point for everybody!

    Ach, you figured it out >.< I was hoping you might've, I don't know, forgotten about what was in your signature :p
    Well, a draw's better than a loss! [I was pretty annoyed St Kilda and North lost, though. I tipped them and believed in them! Gah!]

    Bahahaha, I take it that you dislike England? And Imma gonna guess you got a kick out of Bangladesh and Ireland defeating England?
    Thing is, I don't really 'like' cricket. I mean, it's alright, but I rarely watch a full match [it gets too boring since it's so long...] but I do watch sections of matches, and whatnot :]
    Yeah, it's really really weird! Assuming that he knew lots about cricket [who wouldn't, after living in India, especially!] I asked him if he watched 'the' match [can't remember which one] and he admitted he didn't know how cricket worked -.- However, he's a fan of basketball and table tennis. Him being a table tennis person makes sense, though :p
    Yeah :] Bahahaha, no problemo, it makes lots of sense to assume someone's white anyways. [Not being sarcastic here btw :p] Hahaha. But yeah, now we're all cool again. I'm hoping for Sri Lanka to win the whole thing too [of course] but if not, then South Africa must win because they'd probably beat New Zealand, and for us to not win we'd have to be knocked out by South Africa [or make the finals and lose which would hurt]. So yeah.

    Bahahaha. There's this guy in my class, who...[wait for it...]
    -was born in England
    -lived for about 4 years in India
    -moved to Australia about a year ago
    -dad is Russian
    -mum is Chinese
    And what's most disturbing about this person, is that despite living in England, India and now Australia, he knows nothing about cricket >.< He asked if you run to bases a la baseball -.-
    Hahaha. Although I do have reasons for my dislike of the Aussie Cricket Team. My parents were both born and raised in Sri Lanka, so although I was born here, I am techinically Sri Lankan, and hence support the Sri Lankan Cricket Team.
    Ah, Oakleigh, Moorabbin, close enough :p I suppose the Docklands one is probably closer for you, though.
    Bahahaha, Twilight >.< That book has started a crazy vampire and werewolf book craze; so many new books focus on vampires, it's really annoying! If you do read more, read the Mortal Instruments series and the Hunger Games trilogy. They're pretty much perfect, in my opinion. :]
    Hahahaha, Australia lost today :] I hate the Australian cricket team, to be honest [don't shoot me please] but it would've been way better if Ponting hadn't have got that 100 - he would've been sacked, probably.
    School big band? Coool! Yeah, it's hard to rely too heavily on things like being in a band or being an actor, etc., as a viable career option, unfortunately.
    Ice hockey? Sounds fun :] I'm going to take a guess and say it's in Moorabbin?
    Bahahahahaha xD Well, for me, I'm a big reader, particularly of fantasy. I like writing and drawing as well :]
    That's cool! What do you do, music wise?
    YEAH FOR ABUSING COLLINGWOOD! And yeah for defeating Melbourne! :D
    BACK TO GLORYYYYY! Bahahaha, well then I guess I can say our coach is undefeated :p I actually think the same about Melbourne and Essendon, being really promising this year.
    So, what other hobbies do you have?
    Ouch, that hurts. =| Finishing so late would be annoying. So what time do you normally end up finishing on Thursday's then, if not 7:30?
    Especially those weirdos from Collingwood.
    Essendon fan! Runners up in the NAB Cup, cool colours, cool theme song, cool team, most premierships, great quality players, a fantastic coach who's lost just one game as coach so far...what's not to like about Essendon?
    Hahaha :p
    And I have successfully turned a conversation in which the VMs were 2000 characters into one with a VM of like 100 characters xD
    How was your day?
    Footy starts again today! About time! :D
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