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  • Whoaa.
    I'm just not a big fan of the dull colours. Something a tad bit brighter would be nice, imo.
    Hahaha, you know me too well :p
    EV guide from JoshYEAH [Includes hotspots for EV training]

    Lolwut? There's a character limit in VMs?
    Funny thing is, the layout of Serebii is still that ugly grey and green hahaha :p After all these years >.<
    Team Rocket for the win! :D
    Speaking of heart and soul, when are you going to pick up HGSS? :p Just kidding :p
    Wow, cool story bro that's an interesting story! MY TURN~

    I was a little kid, 5 or 6 years old. I watched the anime and had a Game Boy Colour with Pokemon Blue. Pokemon was so in at school, all the cool Preppies played it xD I watched the Johto series of the anime, played and loved Silver and Crystal, and then disappeared.
    My brother got Ruby, I didn't. I thought it was an awful game because of the lack of previous Pokemon and the awfulness that you could not trade from Crystal to Ruby.
    However, this one day, my parents went to this seminar about free holidays or something [you know, one of those scam type things] and me, my brother and these two other kids were in the kids centre being looked after by these two people. One of the kids was about my age, Idk about 10. He was playing Sapphire and explained to us lots of cool things - Trapinch evolved into this thing called Vibrava? There were a legendary trio made out of rock, steel and ice? Lolwut? Suffice to say, my brother hadn't beaten Ruby yet.
    He then told me about this website he went on. I think he told me it was called Serebii, but told me to Google something.
    I found Serebii, and rediscovered Pokemon just as DP was entering it's pre-release in Japan. Ever since then I've been massively into Pokemon, although more into the main games than the anime or manga.
    Please explain your Pokemon fan history :]
    Ahhh, right, you meant fossils! I understood what you meant about the masters training the Pokemon, but got confused about scientists stealing eggs :p
    Black Belt, [insert Judo item], [insert tae kwon do item]. Hahaha. Erm... of course contests will be back in Gen VI, you'll need to max beauty for Sawk, max Smartness for Throh...
    No problemo. As I said, those are from memory so I'm not sure if it's 100% accurate :S BW Help Thread?
    I think the fact that Galvy was an arachnid with six legs was enough for some people. Though, I must say, apparently many people thought Drapion would be a Gligar evolution when it was one of the first DP Pokemon revealed...
    Yeah, evolutions for them would be cool, though pre-evolutions would be absolutely adorable! I just want an Onix pre-evo because Onix is so huge I can't imagine one hatching out of an egg haha. And Kangaskhan since it has that little baby in it's pouch from the day it itself hatches out of the egg. The baby is shown to wander around in the anime, I believe, so it's not 'connected' to Kangaskhan :p
    Yeah, I couldn't remember Sawk's name so I just wrote Throh bros :p That would make sense, but I'm no martial arts expert haha. Thing is, with that idea, is there'd also need to be fighting dojo in each subsequent game as well :p I'm not too sure what you mean by "like the scientists used to take your eggs", though :p Ummm, doing it by stats like Tyrogue would be too unoriginal. Er, hold certain item + Lv 20? >.<
    Ummm, from memory: Attack - Route 1 [Lillipup & Patrat]; Defence - Pinwheel Forest [I think]; SpA "Tower where Litwick and Elgyem are"; SpD - I'm pretty sure the jellyfish give SpD...; Speed and HP - can't remember :S Just search around the forums or google it or something :p Hahaha.
    Yeah, archaeopteryx sounds a lot cooler than pterodactyl, although I prefer Aerodactyl :p
    Mhm, Alomomola was pretty much the sole link back-er for me. Bouffalant was only revealed a week or two before release, so by then it was all confirmed that there'd be no link-backs. A lot of people thought Galvantula would be an Ariados evolution -.-
    I'm hoping for a Gen II / IV -esque gen, with linkbacks. Especially more baby Pokemon <3 I'm hoping for baby Mawile and Sableye, actually, and a baby Tropius, Onix and Kanghaskan [obvs.]. And a pre-evo for the Throh brothers to make them exactly like their Hitmon-cousins.
    Yeah, I see what you mean, and plus some routes are really quite handy for EV training, with many routes having Pokemon that give EVs for only x stat. Quite handy.
    Of course, with great setting up like you went through, Scrafty and Volcorona would be practically unstoppable :p Hahaha, but Aerodactyl looked tons better than Archeops!
    YES! I believed it was a Luvdisc evolution right up until maybe a month or two before release. Luvdisc was one of my favourite RSE Pokemon too, and an evolution would've been amazing!
    That's good :] Yeah, I like Bisharp quite a lot. If it wasn't for finding it so late in the game, it probably would've made my team in place of Vanilluxe. Plus, it would make my team look tougher. :p
    Yeah, that makes sense. One Pokemon sweeps? Wow. Arcehops looks really ugly in my opinion, hahaha. Carracosta and it's pre-evo look cool, though.
    Something that bugs me this generation is the lack of Water-types which I like. I like the Oshawott line, and Panpour, and the first two members of the Tympole line...but I'm not a Seismitoad fan, or a Basculin or Alomomola fan, and I don't like Simipour [Panpour's pretty cool though]. There's the turtle line who I sort of like, too. But it's strange; normally I like practically all of the Water types >.<
    Yeah, it is :]
    Yay, congratulations! Naww, poor Vanilluxe >.< Yeah, there are so many Pokemon I want to use, especially: Amoonguss, Garbodor, Maractus, Bisharp, Whimsicott, Panpour.

    Hahaha, nice team :] I must say, though, you've used a lot of really common Pokemon :p It seems everyone's using Scrafty and Archeops, but that makes sense as they're both great Pokemon.
    Haha. Sometimes I wake up at 6am, listen to some music (which I find keeps me awake at early hours) then read for half an hour or so until 7am. Then I'm more awake than if I wake up at 6:45 and get out of bed at 7.

    Hahaha. Well, good luck then! What's your team, again? I only remember Vanilluxe >.<
    Ah yes, it was on in the mornings and then if I missed it I could watch it after school! Ahhh, those were the days :p I see. My busyness just doesn't give me any time to go Youtubing Pokemon episodes hahaha xD Unfortunately. Bahaha, have fun waking up early tomorrow :p
    Imma gonna guess you've beaten the E4 7 times already in BW?
    And here I was thinking that you just got tired of talking to me hahahaha
    Hahaha, I see. I've never really been one to watch the anime much [they show it at awful times: Channel Ten air it at like 7 and I only wake up at 7; I need to get dressed and brush my teeth and whatnot as well. Cartoon Network used to air DP at the good time of 7:30am, but now they've been airing Galactic Battles at 8:30 -.-]
    Yes, it was utterly hilarious! Seriously!
    Ah, I see. I'm the fan of the first two generations and their remakes. You seem to be a fan of the third game of each series. Hahaha, that beats me, I got no symbols xD Factory was my 2nd favourite, though. The Battle Dome was the best because if you enter with a team of awful Pokemon the commentary thing would say "has no chance of winning" and "prefers using weak Pokemon" and stuff hahaha.
    Yup, suppose I do :]
    Bahaha, her hair was really weird. Speaking of weird hair, if you played HG you'd notice Lyra's obnoxiously large hat and har. HIDEOUS STUFF.
    Lolwut? Just goes to show how much I've accomplished in Pokemon. Never knew about the Luck Symbol. Awkward.
    I knew the gist of the story, but not in so much detail o_O It's alright, anyway. I sort of expected something similar :p
    Yeah, the Symbols were really good, with their qualities associated with them. Of course, it wouldn't be wise to rip off Emerald in Plat and use the same symbols, and there's only so many qualities one can associate with the Battle Frontier. [What could Arcade be? HERES THE LUCK SYMBOL. Castle? HERES THE STINGINESS SYMBOL]
    You must play HGSS. Must.
    Yeah, the ones you suggested do make sense logically.
    Um, wow. Gosh, just go spoiling the whole plot to me, thanks. But that's really insightful. My only reasoning for Crimson is that Kyurem would look ugly on a Grey box. Like, eww.
    But the Battle Dome was pure epicnesss!
    Well, okay, but try to join, k? It's fun :]
    Yay, congrats to you!
    I still cannot believe you didn't play HGSS. I'll never forgive you for that :p
    Mainly the ones that Team Rocket use (except I'm not a Golbat fan. Zubat's cute. Golbat's not. Haha.). Yeah, I'm a big TR Fan :D
    Hahaha. Well, apart from the environment pattern, an odd pattern regarding the eeveelutions is that all the types used so far - Fire, Water, Electric, Grass, Ice, Psychic and Dark - were all Special types before the split in Gen IV. The only type left that used to be a special type - Dragon. I personally think enough's enough with the Eeveelutions. I wouldn't want there to be one of each type. And, to be frank, I wouldn't like a Rock type or Ground type one either. Sure, I can imagine Bug (I've seen quite a few sort of cute Bug type ones actually), Dragon, Poison, Steel and Fighting working well, and Rock to some extent, but the Ground one would look weird. Like a mole or something? A burrowing fox...? Making up animals here
    Whoaa. My highest level Pokemon, apart from my event Lv 100 Arceus, is a Lv 77 or 78 Rhyperior which is on Diamond which I transferred from Ruby. I have a Flygon which is about Lv 75 and a Houndoom at roughly Lv 70 as well. My only other Lv 60+ which I have actually grown at least 1 level (which eliminates all Lv 60+ legendaries) is a Skarmory at Lv 60 which I grew about five levels haha >.<
    Yeah, new features in Crimson [I don't want to 3rd game to be called Grey. What a bland name] would be great. Me using them is another question >.< Battle Frontier-esque transformation for the Subway would be nice, with the Dome included on it :]

    Oh, it's complicated. Lots of fun though. Mysteries, role playing, murdering. Fun fun fun! I won last season, this season is going to be better. It's hard to explain; go read the thread and join :p
    What? I love virtually every Poison type line. The Grimer, Ekans, Koffing, Gulpin and Trubbish lines as well as Qwilfish are my favourites. :p
    Haha. I'm just not into Pokemon that look super strong and Pokemon that seem like they'd be mega popular hahaha xD
    Yeah, since Fighting and Bug both got legendaries this generation, Poison is now the only type without a legendary. It needs one, though I find it hard to imagine what it will be like. Introducing Gen VI's event Pokemon - Viruzz, the Creator of Disease Pokemon
    What I want to do this generation is get my first Lv 80 + Pokemon hahaha xD

    Oh, oh, head into the Games Section, and join Murder V! It's a really fun game :]
    Hmmm, no not really, they're always really weak. I think the only popular ones, competitively, are Gengar, Crobat, Tentacruel and Roserade. -.- I love the type, though.
    Ewww, I really don't like Volcarona. Especially the shiny form. It's such a hideous moth, and the shiny form looks really odd :p
    Oops. Meh, I don't mind Scraggy and Scrafty. Mienfoo? Is that the Kojoju line that you get right at the end?
    *is wishing for a Poison type legendary* The Water/Fighting musketeer [the event one] looks really ugly, though. The other's aren't bad, but Mr Event Musketeer looks line an ugly My Little Pony.
    The name could've been less...basic, though :p
    Oh, it's 80? I always thought it was less >.<
    Let's see, what did Poison get? The Scolipede line, which I'm not a fan of, and the Foonguss and Trubbish lines, which I adore. There are very very very few Poison types which I'm not a fan of :] I think Fighting Type got waaay too many additions. 4 legendaries, the second half of the Tepig line, the Timburr line, Sawk, Throh, and probably another couple as well that I've forgotten. Yeah, Cryogonal seems like a pretty meh-ish Pokemon, especially as it's so elusive. Apparently it's pretty handy as a wall, apparently.
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