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  • Yeah, Shell Blade is cool. On my fourth try, I beat Lenora with a team of three Lv 19's. It involved Pascal [Dewott] Shell Blading and avoiding a Hypnosis, and a few Super Potions. But I feel like I deserve something more than a Basic Badge :p
    Some of the Pokemon I like have great movepools, some have awful. Ah well, I deal with it. :p
    I hate Hydro Pump! The accuracy really comes back to haunt you, seriously. It might be 70 or something, but it feels like 20% -.-
    Yeah, there were lots I wanted to use. I loved virtually every Grass type this generation, but oddly didn't like many Water-types, which is a shame because Water is my favourite type. I was also disappointed so few Ice and Poison types were added =/
    I kind of miss the heat of the past week hahaha. =|
    [Moving our conversation to VMs because: a) I'm not a massive PM fan and b) you've only received 1 VM haha]

    Bahahahaha! Someone's been busy playing it :p I played for a couple of hours yesterday and about an hour today, but I've been really really busy. I just got my team to Lv 17 and I think I'm ready to challenge Lenora. [I'm always underlevelled, by the way. I can't remember ever being equal to a Gym Leader's Pokemon haha]. I'm loving my Woobat. It's a real powerhouse! Oshawott just evolved too, I'd like to see how he fares in battle with Shell Blade :] And Herdier's strong, though I must say it's nowhere near as cute as Lillipup.
    Ahh, Skyla :]
    Hahaha, funny thing is I've been catching everything I can find too, which, although I wouldn't say it's odd, it's definitely different. There are six Pokemon I've seen but not yet caught: the other two starters, other two mokeys, Cottonee and Petilil, because I haven't gotten inside Pinwheel Forest yet. But I'm loving the games. Hahaha, I seemed to have this thing with Naive Pokemon in HG; if I recall correctly, 4/6 of my team were Naive -.-
    I only really know A Trick of the Tail, so I would have to recommend that one I suppose. Have you tried the band Astra? They are a modern band, but sound like classic prog rock.
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