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  • Hey Pokebreeder, I would have let you join the club but I am not the creator and therefore I don't have permission, sorry about the wait. Lets be friends.
    Thanks for telling me! Yeah I get impatient easily...

    Which is why till now I didn't EV train... but I'm tryin it!

    Hopefully he's on soon!
    :( So can I join or not? I'm being ignored...
    I apologize, but you need to get the owner's permission before you're officially in. And as you can see, the owner - pokecool - hasn't yet posted after your post. Just wait for a little while, and he should post there and say if you have been accepted (and I'm sure he accepts you, if you did what the first post said - pokecool is one of the nicest persons I have met =3), then we are allowed to welcome you. ^_^

    (I was afraid of being a mini-modder on the club thread, that's why a VM. XD)
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