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  • Everything is fine, my electricity was recently restored. Only issue was something that I ordered may be delayed until some time after next week.

    I see, rest well for now.
    I could expect that from Josh; he's probably butthurt that Ethan left.
    Kirby and Ellie d*ck around a lot like that.

    You are correct about those mods, they are the better ones. Until Serebii Joe stops hiring chat-cliques and his friends, the bad mods will keep coming.
    Sadly you described most of the mods on this forum. A lot of the mods here are power hungry. It's not much to worry about as long as you stay out of thier way.
    You'll notice also that these same mods tend to favor other people on the forum (this goes especially in the Misc. section). This also isn't that big of a deal either, but these people tend to be assholes. So I'd avoid them, really.

    Most of the Pokemon sections are modded very well, though.
    Nothing much really. Ethan just got p*ssed at Joe, ahnded out the password to the Anon-Smod account, which those people banned others, and Ethan deleted a few threads.

    Oh, and he made a few alts and kept whining for awhile. Thats about it.
    Thank you very much! I'll try to still come here, but with having a roommate and having tons of homework and stuff, I figure coming here just won't be as easy. :p
    Serebii in a nutshell, pretty much. Although I don't particularly note many people on here. Snivy is bad for any sort of run, from my experience. You're best off with Tepig/Oshawott.
    White, but getting the other version this month, perhaps. Chose Oshawott as well, initially.

    Well, he deserved it. Troll or not, we don't need stupidity closing good threads like the 3rd game speculation thread because of the likes of him.
    Exactly. I normally wouldn't care about people like that, but then they end up making me look bad because I am associated with them.
    Well I didn't see Bullkid do much wrong. Skarm-Flier was just a arrogant christian. That needed to get banned.

    And yes, he does need a perma-ban, really. Though every once in awhile it is good to lol at someone stupid on Serebii.
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