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  • That's Okay! You can take your time, if I have waited so long a few more hours/days won't bother me so much.
    Do you really intend to catch legendaries with only premier balls ?

    kinda hard knowing that they act like pokeballs :/
    Yep, I intend to catch them all with Premier balls, I was lucky with Victini and Cobalion, I caught in with one throw.
    Reshiram has a catch rate of 45, if you can catch a Chatot with a Pokéball you can catch a Reshiram with a Premier ball.

    And a mission with the Entra link is giving a friend a power up to catch Pokémon easier, so I also use that power when my friend is at my place.

    And catching all the legendarys is just a fun little quest I came with to enjoy the game more^_^
    I'll be checking in on Serebii throughout the day. (11/9/08)
    I'm -5GMT... I'm not sure about what times you are comfortable logging on, but today I'll be jumping on and off to check my messages and such.
    So sorry... I haven't logged on here for awhile. ^.^;;

    If you don't mind my asking, which Time Zone are you in? (I'm US: Eastern). Today, I should be back from school around 4:45 pm, so can trade any time between then and about 6:00. Also, after 7:00 I'll be free. ^.^ Saturday, we're celebrating a family member's Birthday, but almost any time Sunday should be fine as well. If you're still interested, could you tell me times that would be good for you?--I'll try my best to be on then.
    XD Awesome!

    Hmm... what are you looking for in exchange? I can offer legendaries (Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Latios, Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Phione), Salamence (lv 78), Tyranitar (lv 78), Armaldo (lv 80), or Flygon (lv 74), also 50-ish Skarmory, Vileplume, and Aggron. I can also breed all starter Pokemon except Chimchar and Piplup. I have lots of other Pokes, so if none of those interest you, do you have anything in mind? (= Maybe I can find you what you want?

    Thank you so much for telling me!
    *o* Another Final Fantasy VII fan..?
    Genesis is my favorite. ^.^ I was listening to "Unknown Soldier" by The Doors... and I decided it was a nice phrase to use for him (it fits, huh?)--so I made that icon.
    That made my day, really~~ I'm so glad that someone recognized him!

    And thank you for stopping by. =D
    Okay, I'm in wi-fi if you want to battle now! And I'll be around for about an hour, so I may still be around even though I'm off the computer =)
    Ps. Sorry for spamming up your profile page with these messages =P
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