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  • I don't really care for the water starter, either, though that's probably because I tend to dislike the water starters in general. (Just the pre-evolutions, though, not their evolutions.)

    Well, I agree that most of the legends so far have been pretty bulky. Even so, I kinda liked that bigness, if only because it made the legends feel more... well, legendary. Climbing to sky pillar and waking up the giant dragon Rayquaza in Gen III, fighting to keep the world from being destroyed by the colossal beasts Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina in Gen IV, and standing against N in Gen V... wouldn't those scenes have been different if one of the smaller legends had been involved? I dunno... maybe I'm just not used to the new feel of Gen VI yet. =P

    After looking at their pictures again, I'm thinking X is probably Psychic/Steel and Y is still either Dark/Flying or Dark/Dragon. Y also looks like it's trying to give a hug to someone lol. xP
    OHMAGOSH I KNOW. Finally Japan doesn't get all the Pokemon games first. =P I've been wavering between the Grass and the Fire starter. Ah, if only I knew what their evos looked liked... >__<

    I'm not a big fan of the legends this time around, but yeah, I'm having problems deciding to. =/ I'll probably go with Y just because X reminds me a lot of the Musketeer trio and I'd like to use something different. No idea what typing those two legends are, though. Grass/Psychic and Dark/Flying, maybe?
    I just thought that Giratina shoved Cyrus into the Distortion World and left Dialga and Palkia standing there awkwardly. Kinda like your idea better, though. =P

    On another note, Pokemon X and Y. That is all.
    Cyrus was the best villain, hands down. Him and his team of sporadically-leveling dark-types caused me soooo much trouble on my first playthrough. It was kind of unfortunate that he got stuck in the Distortion World. Not that it was fortunate to have him running around, but I would've like to see him or Team Galactic after the Giratina Battle. (You know, besides the whole part where Charon tryes to wake up Heatran so that it could cause untold chaos or do something similarly evil.)

    I actually consider Platinum to be less intense than Diamond or Pearl. Yeah, Cyrus was going to blow up the universe and all that shizz, but at least Giratina was there to stop him in Platinum. In Diamond and Pearl, it didn't even try to stop Cyrus. If anything, it was in Diamond and Pearl that the whole universe was going to be destroyed, not Platinum.

    ... I still like Platinum better than Diamond and Pearl, though. =P

    On an entirely different topic, are you still interested in the competitive metagame? I've been trying to put together an OU team, but I've had no one to test it against. >__<
    Mm, that's true. I did like N in BW better than in BW2, and since he really wasn't in the story all that much... eh, I dunno. Platinum was pretty awesome, I'll admit. Distortion World + Giratina's theme music. My goodness, that battle was awesome to listen to if you didn't chuck a Master Ball in the first few turns. Still, I think my favorite plot has to be Emerald's, but more for nostalgia reasons than for it being that great of a plot. I dunno why, but the idea of having two evil teams running around and summoning legendaries just seemed epic to me as a kid.
    Right? I thought it was better than BW, plot-wise, and because of all the stuff they crammed into it. PWT is freakin' gold. I still haven't been able to beat Red in the Champion's tournament.

    Hmm, the new Percy Jackson book... that's the Mark of Athena, right? I've read up to the Last Hero, but I haven't been keeping up with the new series.
    Dang, you guys are lucky. My high school ran on an A/B block the first two years I was there, but then they switched it to a seven-period schedule and completely ruined my ability to procrastinate on my homework. >__<
    A'ight, no rush. Take your time.

    Eeeeeeh that's a lot of stuff. Have fun. 0_o Well, actually, do have fun. You'll kind of need it during finals. =P

    And you (maybe-possibly?) got a job! Someone's working up the ladder of inevitable doom. But naw, that's great! Makin' money is never a bad thing. =)
    Ah, yeah, my bad. I just checked the date of that message, so I guess it wasn't as long as I thought. =P I dunno, I've been gone for a while.

    Ah, I remember my time as a junior. Fun times. And not so fun times. Particularly the parts where I was up in the wee hours of the morning cramming for all the tests I forgot to study for. But everything else was awesome. =P
    Hey! Sorry I didn't respond sooner; I haven't been on Serebii recently. =P But sure, I'd love to check out a story! What's it called?

    Agh, things have been so hectic for me recently... lots of stuff going on that I could live without, but whatever. =/ How's it been going with you?
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