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Last Activity:
Apr 3, 2020
Jun 15, 2009
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October 28
The Island.

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Unova Trainer, from The Island.

pokedexfiller was last seen:
Apr 3, 2020
    1. Pokefan0234
      0.0 Dude, you actually trained your main team. Nice... I didn't get around to training mine yet, (they're all still in the level 60s! =P) You haven't caught Kyurem yet? Word of advice... bring a bunch of Hyper Potions, because that dang thing has Endeavor. >_<
    2. Pokefan0234
      Haha, that's true. I haven't even beaten the Champion yet... though I guess that, since I have all my level 100s now, it probably won't be that much of a challenge... oops. =P
    3. Pokefan0234
      Haha, yeah, that would work. ^_^ Guess I'd better catch some more Pokemon to trade!

      You haven't transferred anything over yet? Oh, wow, that was like the first thing I did. =P Well, at least you can find stuff. My boxes are practically overflowing. x_x
    4. Pokefan0234
      It's cool. ^_^ I completely forgot about FCs until, like, ten minutes after you left. Cue the "Didn't we forget something?" message. =)

      Good thing we got the trades done, though! ^_^ Ehehe... funny story about the Simisage and the Boldore. As it turned out, I forgot to go catch my own Boldore, so I had to give ya something else. =P Plus, I was having trouble finding all my stuff, (my boxes are perfectly organized, yet I still can't find anything in them. x_x)

      I know, isn't it awesome! =D I ran into the same problem you had the first time I traded. "Wait... why is it asking me to pick three Pokemon?" 0.0 And yeah, the smilies are in the corner. They take some gettin' used to, that's for sure. But hey, no prob! ^_^

      I'll take 'em both! =D
    5. Pokefan0234
      2966 7900 1247
    6. Pokefan0234
      ... Don't we need to exchange FCs or something?

      ... Uh-oh. 0.o
    7. Pokefan0234
      Sounds good. ^_^
    8. Pokefan0234
      Oh! Well, never mind then. If you have 'em we might as well trade 'em. ^_^
    9. Pokefan0234
      Sounds good to me. I don't mind waiting for the Pansear egg. ^_^

      We don't need to trade those two if you feel like catching them today. Six Pokemon is plenty.
    10. Pokefan0234
      Sounds great to me! ^_^ I'd better go catch a Boldore first, though. =P

      So when do we wanna meet up?
    11. Pokefan0234
      Hehe... I love how every time he kept yelling about Pokemon abuse people would just stare at him. It was like, "What planet did you come from?" =P

      Yep, it's a Mandibuzz. I don't have one on me but I'll catch one real quick. ^_^

      Okay then, we'll just dex. ^_^ A Pansear egg, huh? Ooohh... I need one of those... which of the other monkeys are you missing? I've got a Simisage and a Simipour if you needed any of those. =)
    12. Pokefan0234
      A lot of things N said about Pokemon battles make sense, (I mean, if you think about it, we are kinds pitting super-powered animals against each other for fun. =P) It's just that he forgot that Pokemon isn't logical in the first place. =P

      You spelled "issues" like "isshus" hurr XD Yeah, I can see N goin' around Isshu on his skateboard passing out PETA brochures to battling trainers. =P

      I know I've got a Petitil lying around in my boxes somewhere, but I could use a Braviary. ^_^ And hey, I don't mind giving you my Reshiram. Like I said, if I need another one, I can get one off of the GTS or somethin'. ^_^ Besides, it's practically impossible to find someone willing to trade you a Reshiram for anything. Ya might as well take it. =)

      Since you have White, I can give you a Thundurus as well. That way you'll be able to catch Landoros. ^_^
    13. Pokefan0234
      That's true. ^_^ It makes more sense than catching them and never looking at 'em again. (I think it's funny how N was going on about people catching Pokemon just for the Pokedex and then boxing them... because it's true. =P)

      Yeah... Anthea and Concordia were kinda pointless... but at least they had cameos in the title screen! ^_^ They still shoulda had some battle with the ninjas. ... NINJAS!

      You know, it didn't occur to me that the Sages might not attack me with Pokemon... 0_o

      Well, N's about three mentally, (ex. the Ferris Wheel thing - 'nuff said), so it's not that much of a surprise, but still... plus, you know, the fact that I'm a girl and that his personal assistant ninja thought I should see his room... err, that was awkward. =P Though it was interesting to find out that N can shred. (Green hair on a half-pipe!) ^_^

      Hehe... I used to spam lucky eggs back when I could clone items. (Emerald glitch~) =P They're, like, the greatest thing since Fly. xP I'm soooo glad you could get one for free in Black. ^_^

      I got a lv. 1 Tepig off of GTSN, put a lucky egg on it, and put it in a battle with a Trainer with a Lv. 65 Pokemon. 100,000 exp goes a loooooooooooooooonnnnnnnngggg way. XP

      IT'S SO FLUFFY!!!!!!!! =D Whimsi's gotta be one of my fav Pokemon. ^_^

      So long as you're fine going to a hotspot, that'd be cool with me. =) Hehe... I may-or-may-not-have completed my Unova dex... but I still don't have most of the White Exclusives, so that'd still work! ^_^ You can have a Reshiram for free (I can get another off of the GTS if I need to) and the turtle-fossil dude, plus any other stuff. (I moved all my Pokes off of SS over to Black, so I've got a lot of stuff you can't get in-game.) ^_^

      Since the Entralink only shows up under wireless, I don't think you can use it over wifi... =/ It wouldn't hurt to try it out, though.
    14. Pokefan0234
      I honestly had no idea what I wanted to train for my team, (and even now, I question my sanity in making a team almost completely weak to ice and ground types, 0_o), so I basically caught everything in sight. It helped when I was finishing the Unova dex. ^_^

      I really wish they had done more with the castle. Besides getting a Rare Candy and seeing the inside of N's room, (which was both cool and slighty creepy at the same time O.o), it really didn't have much purpose. Now, if they had made the castle into a whole dungeon... AND they let you battle the Shadow Triad (seriously... what's better than a Pokemon battle with NINJAS?!) and the Six Sages... well, it would've been ten times more epic. ^_^

      Yeah... I mean, I figured out that he didn't die. But as soon as he walked by the edge and started on this rant about how he might've been wrong and how he didn't know what to do with his life, I was like, "ZOMAGOSH N'S GONNA JUMP." 0_0

      Man, I was so glad they gave you a Lucky Egg in this game. I don't think I ever fought a battle when I didn't use it to spam extra experience points. ^_^

      Hey, do you have wifi now? We could totally do a battle or a trade or something! (And since I happen to have Black, some of those exclusive Pokemon would be veeeeeerrry much appreciated. ;D)
    15. Pokefan0234
      Yeah, that was nice. Besides, if you did have to train, there were plenty of Audinos to fight. =) I don't think I ever battled against wild Pokemon that I didn't need for my Pokedex or that weren't Audinos. =)

      I liked watching the Elite Four building get stabbed with stairs. They deserve it after all the times they've killed me in Platinum. >xP

      Hehehe... when I first saw the scene where N leaves on Reshiram/Zekrom, I thought he had, like, released the dragon and was jumping off the building. 0_0 Good thing I was wrong; otherwise, Black would've been the most depressing game next to the Mystery Dungeon series. >_<

      Is it just me, or are all the people in the extra towns that you visit, like, twenty levels higher than Ghetsis? I walked across some random and got into a rotation battle with some trainer with level 60 Pokemon... and I was barely at 55... o_0
    16. Pokefan0234
      Ugh... sorry I disappeared again. 3rd quarter was ending at school, and I may or may not have put off this huge project 'till the last minute. xP

      Haha... I spent, like, hours playing through SoulSilver out of nostalgia. ^_^

      Black and White seem kinda underleveled, (then again, I'm usually five levels higher than I'm supposed to be...) I never noticed that the gym leaders only had about three Pokemon, but now that you mention it... huh. Well, the Elite Four/N/Ghetsis were harder. ^_^

      I'm sure you've gotten past the ending part of the game by now, so I'm gonna spoil the plot and say WASN'T THAT CASTLE SCENE AWESOME?! =D Shame that we never got to fight the Champion, though.
    17. natopotato22
    18. Darkrai00
    19. natopotato22
      Herro Decks.
    20. JD
      Yeah I'm going to train a little and battle Cynthia and the champion and then I'll trade over my Pokemon from my older games. And after that I'll start EV training for the summer haha
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    The Island.
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