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  • I need to consider about stop using xerneus so much its pretty over powered and mine isn't ev trained, for those of you interested in seeing said battle here is the video number: LE9G-WWWW-WWW3-PNXB
    here are some wifi battle videos tell me what you think:
    sorry for about posting so many video numbers
    so I just did an extensive list of pokemon friend safaris I am capable of traveling to and man is it a big list with a few multiples mixed in and at least 6 people whose full safaris I do not know yet

    1. Steel: metang, magneton
    2. Dark: nuzleaf, sandile, liepard, mightyena, cacturne, absol
    3. Fighting: mankey x2, throh x2, tyrogue, pancham, machoke, riolu
    4. Ground: sandshrew, nincada, gastrodon, phanphy, marowak, diggersby
    5. Rock: boldore, onix x2, shuckle x2, dwebble, barbaracle, nosepass, pupitar
    6. Ice: snowrunt, sneasel, piloswine, spheal, bergmite, dewgong
    7. Water: panpour x2, gyarados x2, frogadier x2, floatzel, krabby, poliwhirl
    8. Fire: growlith, pyroar, fletchinder, pansear, larvesta, braixen, ponyta, charmeleon, ninetales
    9. Grass: pansage x2, petilil, sawsbuck, quilladin
    10. Poison: gloom, ariados, muk, kakuna, garbodor, toxicroak
    11. Psychic: grumping, wobbufet, xatu x2, drowzee, sigilyph, munna, espurr, gothorita
    12. Flying: farfetch’d x2, swanna, doduo, woobat x2, tropius
    13. Ghost: shuppet x3, phantump, drifblim x2, pumpkaboo x2, spiritomb
    14. Bug: ledyba, illumise, paras, masquerin, vivillion
    15. Electric: electrode, Pikachu, manectric
    16. Fairy: togepi, jigglypuff, floette
    17. Dragon:
    18. Normal: dunsparce, mincinno, chansey x2, teddiursa, loudred
    so I made a fanfiction.net account you can't miss me I kept the same silly user name as you see me using now. my first major fanfic I am writing now is called azumanga star wars daioh check it out the first 3 chapters have already been made on fanfiction.net
    with the sinnoh region dragon trio being what im assuming the last event for the DS pokemon games I believe they are appropriate because the dialga, palkia, and giratina's games where the games that kicked off the pokemon DS games.
    you know if the day comes that Disney decides to buy out pokemon I will actually be ok with it cause they will hopefully actually improve it's anime show.
    hey if anyone was somehow able to breed a legitimate dwf pichu please contact me so that we can make a deal so that i can get one.
    So anyway how would you feel if ash's pikachu was stolen by a poacher for a good 100+ episodes? how would the writers(or you if you had the opportunity to take over the anime and make such a situation) make it work? what would ash's reaction be? what would be team rocket's reaction be? and what plot point would have to be involved to make it last so long?

    I have an idea as to how to make it work its kind of dark though......basically a poacher comes an ambushes ash with 3 hydreigon and while ash is distracted with the hydreigon the poacher would swoop in and capture pikachu 2 or 3 episodes later ash would catch up to the poacher and demand to know where his pikachu is the poacher will either a said pikachu died or b he already sold it and now not even he knows where it is at! a good couple 100 episodes later ash would find his pikachu who had now been turned into a shadow pokemon on the same level of corruption as shadow lugia from pokemon XD!
    i wonder if yamcha from dragonballz has any fans? or if he is about as popular as jar jar binks? and what about hercule what does his fanbase look like is batman/wolverine popular or jar jar popular?
    ok if someone can give me some ideas for the event deoxys i just now got ill give you a free cookiee
    Deoxys (life orb)
    nasty plot
    dark pulse
    psycho boost
    i know i didnt have to mention the moves and held item but who cares? i want to try and keep dark pulse and nasty plot but other than that i have zero ideas as to what to teach it im thinking to replace psycho boost with psyshock and throwing in some kind of fighting type move such as superpower or focus blast or drain punch heck im even thinking about brick break any one of those four, anybody got any suggestions? ill probably go with one of the 3 physical moves i listed so either drain punch(so that it will live a little longer and do damage at the same time) or superpower(to leave the opponent in a world of hurt).
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