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  • I think somewhere between OS Ash's emotion and enthusiasm, AG Ash's goofiness as well as character, as well as finally DP Ash's battling skills, that is the perfect Ash. Hopefully, man.

    I hate XY not because of Ash or Clemont (I think Ash is just okay-- standard and generic, while I think Clemont is pretty good), but it's mainly because of how the writers are handling Serena, I find Bonnie/Eureka very annoying lacking any depth or emotion, and finally I find Team Rocket very, very stupid and irredeemable.
    Yeah, man: just trying to defend AG Ash and the older incarnations of him against the DP Ash incarnation since I liked him more there, that's all.
    Yeah sure, feel free XD I thought I was just ranting but good to know that some people agree :)
    Better than I expected, glad to see that it learnt dragon claw in the actual battle, and its pose during evolution was really cool. Really, really enjoyed it's evolution and it is currently the only unova pokemon Ash owns so far that has interested me as much as the likes of Charizard and Sceptile.

    Sad that it wasn't used against Trip though, even though Ash used his brain for once and went with type match up, it would have been nice to see more of Krookodile. I honestly never expected Krokorok to evolve, but I'm glad it has. Looking forward to the episode where it shows the other pokemon some sunglasses :D
    It's something new and could be developed on. Seeing older characters like Cynthia and Dawn returning is a Godsend, and I think the world tournament should last for about 7-8 episodes, and maybe introduce some of the new B2W2 characters like Banjiro. Hopefully the world tournament can be developed in a future filler saga where it is wider and even older characters like Lance and even Misty could return.

    Only part of the new season I am looking forward to a lot though is Krokorok evolving, that opens up a lot of possibilities.
    Not much, getting through my gcse exams at the moment, next week I'll be done with all of it and back to 24 hours of going through these forums. I've missed a lot though, reading up on some of the spoilers about Pignite and the 8th gym battle was news to me. Aside from that, I'm reading up on some comics and watching The Avengers and getting ready to watch The Dark Knight Rises.

    How's you?
    Also since the screen went white, we don't know where Scraggy Headbutted Simisage. But yeah, it's pretty much a spoiler now XD
    I thought I would befriend you since we both go on the anime polls a lot and we make a lot of predictions while replying to them :)
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