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  • HEY THERE!!!
    I'm lookin for any damn event pokemon any nature any lvl will do.....pm me with ur wants and i'll try to give u all that i can..!!
    no worry takes your time..msg me back whenever you are ready..
    well just suggestion, try change security setting of your router to WEP...matter of fact, thats your own wifi so you might have full access of it :)
    ohh lets see..it required WEP type of security..i guess yours is WPA or something other than that..
    if im right time in india now 9.30 in the morning right?? its 12.00 a.m. here so 3 hours lack..
    so this trade will start in one hours from now (10.30 am)..
    PLATINUM FC : 3439 9360 0020
    got nothing to be briefed haha..just register my pal pad and heading to wifi room under pokemon center, trade and woops its done...and i want zapdos
    i have to get out for a while..ill msg you when i got back..
    oh in return for our trade, i just need any pokemon caught by yourself and holding a moonstone ..
    sory dont really get what you said haha...let me guess, do you want foreign ditto..i do have japanese ditto if i not mistaken (need to check first)
    hey i'm lookin for som event exclusive legendries.....pls lemme knw......and i'll see what i can gv u fr trade....!!

    I also need a chineese or japaneese or german or french ditto......i need two of the dittos i'll be giving a lvl 100 feraligatr and a lvl 46 machamp....!!
    I need them for my diamon and soul silver...!!
    Lemme knw and i'll give ya my fc..!!
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