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Recent content by pokegeek001

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    Are you going to Import HG/SS / Which Version Are You Getting?

    Im not sure. i like ss cause of lugia but kyogre is cool. hg or ss hmmm plz help.
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    HGSS Legendary Pokemon Discussion

    i think latios and latias will be in jhoto like they where in the movie pokemon heros but probably after the national dex both at lv. 60 i think ho-oh and lugia should be in each game like in the originals (the one on the cover before national dex at lv. 47 and the counterpart after n.dex at...
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    What do you NOT want to see in HG/SS?

    im not sure id like to see an easier route 1 to navigate (or whatever route that is) but i want the headbutt trees to be a little bit easier then the honey trees in platinum I JUST WANT A SNORELAX!!!!!!! : (