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Pokegirl Fan~
Last Activity:
Jun 6, 2020 at 9:51 AM
Feb 15, 2011
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Pokegirl Fan~

Dark Magician Girl

I wish Toonami would re-rerun the anime that were in its block from the 90s-early 2000s again. Jun 5, 2020 at 11:14 PM

Pokegirl Fan~ was last seen:
Jun 6, 2020 at 9:51 AM
    1. Dawnlover1
      no. don't remember. the latest DVD that came out (that I remembered), was the DP Galactic Battles 2nd box collection. that shows the episodes from when they were at snowpoint city, and concord team galactic.
    2. Dawnlover1
      well yes they have the DP on DVD at Wal-Mart, I just don't if they're still in stock.
    3. Dawnlover1
      honestly. to all the Dawn fans in the Dawn/Hikari club (including you). I love and know Dawn/Hikari, like 1,000 times more than anyone. you know looking at her character, and personalities in the show. I think I finally found my true favorite character, in Pokemon and anime. she's like by far the nicest character I ever saw in Pokemon.
    4. Dawnlover1
      oh. well honestly I only watch the DP series, though I have watched the original series back then. but ever since Dawn came, and DP began Pokemon was so darn better. that I don't bother watching ANY other series. and for May, Misty, Iris, they're lame. I used to like may a lot, but now I hate her so much cause I heard she was surprisingly a tomboy. since Dawn is girly, nice, and mature, I love her very much. I adore her character. Dawn and the DP series rules!
    5. Dawnlover1
      oh cool. hey umm. I commented on your youtube channel, asking do you watch pokemon.
    6. Dawnlover1
      oh. I see. too bad for me I haven't been following much of the whole season.
    7. Dawnlover1
      umm. yes I heard.
    8. Dawnlover1
      hey. its me.
    9. SweetAmy
      Yes , It would have been nice.If they let her stay for another generation then she could wear it.
    10. SweetAmy
      Yes it's awesome where did you get it ? Didn't see her wear that dress in an episode though she should. ^^
    11. KingMinun
      Nope, but its somewhere I've always dreamt of going.
    12. Zoruagible
    13. Zoruagible
      Sure, but not necessarily 3, I get home at 4
    14. Dawnlover1
      yeah. you know I really can't to hear, what that girl sounds like in Dawn's DP special in english. and I can't wait for the special itself, to premiere in america.
    15. Dawnlover1
      yeah I know.
    16. Dawnlover1
      like what? what obviously worries me, Dawn going up against Iris that's all.
      and I hate to see the writers screw Dawn up again, I'm still mad about the grand festival.
      and I want Dawn back in the anime, but I wanna see her in a show/series of her own.
    17. Dawnlover1
      I would hope for a low percent chance, that Dawn will appear in BW.
      and sorry to say this, but I doubt Dawn for appearing in BW.
    18. Dawnlover1
      well I really don't know about that.
    19. Dawnlover1
    20. Dawnlover1
      yeah. especially that blue dress where, she has on like a straw hat or something.
      but really the entire dress is SO BEAUTIFUL, and she so pretty it.
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