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  • Dawn and May top the rest by miles. Both had actual personalities, decent rivals with character development, actual development in terms of strength and skill as Coordinators, a purpose for traveling, good tournament arcs.
    The rest were meh. Misty had a purpose until she just became an irrelevant travelling companion, Iris was just annoying from the get-go. Serena had potential, but the romance and stupid Showcase methodology screwed her up. Especially with her character being bland overall.
    She wants to get her revenge on Tien. She was controlling Tien's students and Roshi (lol) with her special talismans. xD
    Hi Pokegirl :)

    Is your pm box full? cuz you haven't messaged me again yet^^;;

    I may play some video games soon though.

    I may wanna drink some milk first before hand however as i feel kinda well hyper lol
    Yup. If they want M20 to bomb financially, I don't mind coughing up about 20 bucks to TPCi to help 'em out. xD

    Yeah, now if only they made DP and AG look like XY/M20. It would cry manly tears if they for whatever reason reanimated
    Ash VS Paul's 6 on 6 rematch with XY/M20's animation. xD
    Too bad they didn't use the animation software from BW-XY for DP. That probably would've been a better time to give Ash his new Sugimori eyes,
    as most Sinnoh native characters in DP have Sugimori style eyes. xD

    Yeah, as even PN2000 said, best Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie ever. xD
    Who knows, maybe in 2020, we'll get another movie or crossover series movie for the anime as 2020's the 20th for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime franchise. xD
    DSOD was for the 20th of DM as a whole. xD

    Yeah I would have liked to see a Sinnoh Battle Frontier arc in the last year of DP as well.
    ^ Agreed. Woulda been nice. Who knows, maybe with a little luck, Ash will go compete in it in the final year of SM for the anime ^
    to transition into Generation VIII if we get DP remakes. xD
    Yeah. xD
    I'm still gonna buy this on iTunes if it goes digital to rub it in the Genwunners (and greninjamaster's) faces that I support it.
    If it's close to two hours it should be $19.99 (no tax). If it's the usual 90 minute film,
    it should be $14.99. xD

    I still can't get over M20's animation, either. It's like XY's animation (which was fantastic IMO),
    cranked up to 50. xD

    I'm watching DSOD again. These lines are still gold. xD


    "Heh..." - Kaiba

    Hey, that there on your arm! Is that the new Duel Disk?!" - Joey

    "Yes it is, but you can't have it! You're not worthy! HAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!" - Kaiba

    "HEY, STOP LAUGHING!" - Joey
    She was a bland character regardless. Showcases were a less glorified Contest, and the logic behind it was stupid. She just got hyped up by her obnoxious fanbase, as well as Amourshippers.
    *Serena pulls out her scissors*

    "Wait, is she..?" - Dein

    "NO! NO! NO! NO!!" - Dein/KG

    "Yo! Flashbacks!" - Dein


    "THIS EPISODE, MAN!!!" - Dein

    Yup. I still hope we get some kind of new info this month on M20. xD
    They still haven't specifically revealed how Ash met Soji and Makoto. xD
    I still laugh at them legitimately crying over A Showcase Debut. xD

    Yeah, but SM > XY. SM already has more continuity,
    and Delia returned in an episode that wasn't the series finale. xD

    Actually I believe they may be using art style from all the past series for his art style.
    ^ Pretty much this. Ash's M20 hat is a mix of his Kanto/Johto and Alola hats, ^
    his face is slightly rounded like SM Ash, and he has a 98% similar facial structure
    to AG Ash, his hair is as spiky as XY Ash's, only he doesn't have side burns,
    and his eyes of course are from BW. xD

    Yep. I wish PN2000 and co. were still here. As annoying as it would've been,
    I wanted to see their salt. xD
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