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  • Yep, it seems. xD
    I know right? xD

    I just prefer Rowlet the way it is and it's current personality.
    ^Looks like you haven't read Rowlet's evolutions dex entries. xD

    Dartrx = Being a birdbrain
    Decidueye = Acting cool guy until it getting surprised (freaking out and covering its face with its hood to hide its embarrassment)

    Just look at Janovy's post. xD

    The best part about Rowlet's evolutions is that they canonically act funny/weird making it absolutely possible for the writers to go ahead and evolve him because none of Rowlet's charm will be lost.
    Yeah... I can understand what U mean... I DON'T KNOW WHY THEY DIDN'T SHOW Female Leads... FELT VERY UNFAIR to them IMO.
    Agreed. The only thing wrong with it so far according to Dein and Sergi is that the Japanese BGM still gets replaced. xD
    They like all of the Generation VII cast though.

    That's... weird... xD
    Yeah. xD
    Yup, but premiere dub episodes are supposed to leave a general impression on how the dub will be for the rest of its run, so... xD
    Yeah. xD
    Really? What's the error message say? xD
    Unfortunately, no. xD
    There have been worse dub titles, PN2000. These honestly aren't that bad,
    but he said SM's Dub is as awful as the Singapore Dub of DM and 4K Media Inc. Dub of One Piece. -_______-

    Manual, so there's unfortunately no way of stopping a Duelist from making mistakes or cheating, but at least this means the game doesn't crash. xD
    Yup, that's better than Dueling Network where I had like around a 25%-42% chance of winning on there. xD
    Yeah, but in the US, there's no way to watch the series legally, yet
    aside from Alola to New Adventure and The Guardian's Challenge being on the Disney XD app, hence why they're salty. xD
    Yup. He's insane. -_____-
    But he DID hate Generations so he does have 0.05 ounce of sanity within him somewhere. xD

    Dueling Book is pretty much another spinoff of Dueling Network. It has it all. The cheesy, yet nice 1990s layout,
    every card to date, OP Duelists, and the best part, ragequitters. The nostalgia is real. xD

    My user name on there is Pendulum Beat as well. xD
    I have a 50% win rate on there at the moment. xD
    That honestly looks a little weird lol, I dunno if I like that (I like the eyes though).
    Agreed. Now this is just a case of fans being impatient. Sure Disney's taking forever to air the dub,
    but I'm pretty sure it's because they're waiting for the right time to bomb Season 20. xD

    Smh at PN2000 saying Sarah hasn't improved.
    Just because he doesn't like her voice doesn't mean she isn't better. -_________-

    Just defeated a Duelist on Dueling Book without losing any Life Points. They did make me nervous a couple of times though. xD
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