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  • I see. xD
    Yeah. Her reaction to realizing Maui played her for a fool's hilarious as it doesn't end exactly as she planned... xD
    [I'd like to see an SM episode where Ash and friends encounter a trainer in trouble with the law because their training methods resulted in the death of one of their Pokemon]
    Much to his dismay. xD

    "AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!" - Ash


    "Groan... Why me?!" - Ash

    Nice. xD
    During the song, You're Welcome, Moana ends up getting so caught up in it
    that she obliviously remains unaware of the part where Maui sings that he's
    about to steal her boat to escape the island he's trapped on. xD
    Yeah. xD
    Not too bad aside from M18 being the weakest out of the bunch. M17 mostly focuses on Diancie with Ash having more of a "sidekick" role,
    and M19 has Ash and Voclcanion in sharing an equal role. xD

    I'm rewatching Moana. This is by far one of the funniest Disney "duo protagonist" movies. xD

    Moana (wistfully): The ocean chose you for a reason...

    Maui: If you start singin', I'm gonna throw up.

    Moana: Well I'm not seeing any entrance (to The Realm of Monsters)!

    Maui: Yes, because it only appears after a human sacrifice.

    Moana (in horror as her eyes widen): (Gasp!)

    Maui: ... HA! Just kidding! Heh, so serious.
    Yeah. xD
    Yup. I hope those are brought back in Gen VIII if Gyms come back in the anime as Ash likes to compete in these to help him train for whatever Gym he's about to challenge,
    with his companions usually deciding to enter, as well. xD
    Heck, they're even in Tyronethegod3's fanfic, Pokémon Universe which is actually pretty good, tbh. xD
    Agreed, along with M14 and M15.
    The only XY movies I liked were M17 and M19. xD
    Yokai wise, it's a tossup between him and Jibanyan for me. xD

    I am a cat and I like it like that! I tell half truths like a diplomat!
    This. We wasted a 5 episode battle tournament arc for THIS GARBAGE ?!?!! xD
    Same. Which is ironic in many ways as VT's favorite movies are M01 and M08... which to me are both the most overrated movies in the entire franchise. xD
    M01's dub soundtrack is amazing, though. xD
    I love almost all of the cast. Nate his buds and Whisper and Jibanyan are hysterical. xD
    I know right? All of that Lucario glorification. Ugh. And screw Mega Lucario for nearly killing Ash without a care in the world.
    Just when I think my hatred for this Pokémon can't get any more intense than it already is... it does. xD
    I still ROFL at JPRPT98 saying he loves M08 because Lucario dies. xD
    Cool. The ending was hilarious. xD
    Arc-V and XY still went by too fast. Arc-V should've been 200 episodes, IMO. xD
    Which one? The Aura Storm? xD
    Yep. The rest of this episode took place within Whisper's dream. xD

    Not really. Even with inconsistent bomb formats and hiatuses,
    the gap still won't be as horrendously long as it was (1 year) during the Kids' WB days,
    and this is still better than it being on Cartoon Network who hardly gave any promotion towards
    the anime at all whatsoever after DP ended, compared to Disney XD who's promoting the crap out of it via ads that the anime's on their channel now. xD

    Heck, Disney XD even tweeted once that they're happy to have the anime on their channel which is something CN never said or did, even once throughout the entire duration of the anime on their station. XD

    Welp, next week's the end of Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V. xD
    Adios, Yuya Sakaki, Zuzu Boyle and Sora Perse. It was a (mostly) fantastic ride. xD
    Nope. xD
    Yo-Kai Watch - Episode 65:

    After being irritated with Nate's messy room, Whisper suddenly finds himself in the company of Katie and Baddinyan and discovers that Katie can not only see both of them but she has a Yokai Watch?!!

    Yes... this is the ONE PROBLEM I HAVE with Disney XD Shows, THEY TAKE WAY TOO LONG ON BREAKS FOR SHOWS!!!!!!!
    ^ This. For example, Milo Murphy's Law aired its first 5 episodes of Season 1 in October 2016, ^
    and didn't return until March 6, 2017 when it began its bomb format. Now it looks like it's going to go on yet
    another hiatus after all of the scheduled new episodes finish airing this month. Ugh. xD
    Can't wait for Season 2. xD

    Screw the guy on Toonzone who said Yo-Kai Watch is just a Pokémon ripoff also with awful voice acting,
    and that Milo Murphy's Law is meh. Smh *shakes fist*
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