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  • Cool that sounds like comfortable and peaceful place to live in.
    OMG if Cyber Cubed was here to hear you now, he would explode out of ager that someone dares not to worship May haha.:p

    True Misty was neglected in some areas which can be thanked to pokemon anime in beginning still not being defined with writers lead by mr. Shudo still finding themselves in what direction to take it getting in clash with directors.

    But still Misty got it better of than Serena not being defined by crush, battled and was more active(many forget she did received substantial personality development as she matured and became more sure in herself over time). Personally i think it would be cool if she returned as maybe recurring character in Alola being perfect place for water trainer like her full of water pokemon(quite a few are half bugs being fun to see how she would deal with that), oceans and aquatic themes allowing her to play lot of new things and advance her dreams. Not to mention i think she and Lana would understand each other pretty well.:D
    "I am not scared! I love Pokémon!" When I first heard that line, I actually thought it was Serena lol, so I know what you mean. xD
    Unfortunately. Hopefully Gen VIII's anime can smooth things over because this is getting to be annoying. -____-
    At least today's episode wasn't a filler since Bounsweet evolved. xD
    At the end of this series, I still hope one of Ash's classmates go to Pallet Town with him for awhile before he leaves for Generation VIII's region. xD

    Yep, and in his first special, Cilan calling Brock a Lady Connoisseur never gets old. xD
    I do too. xD
    She could've been, if she had help from the writers and if a certain community didn't ruin her image. >_>
    Indeed. But that said, I do appreciate that it got the fanbase to like the anime again out in the US. It seems to be one of the more popular series here.
    AG-DP weren't all that well liked for May replacing Misty, and then BF-BW weren't too well liked because of the 4K Media Inc. cast getting fired,
    and then of course, everyone's unfortunate near universal hatred towards BW. xD

    Indeed. I actually still love his and Clemont's special. Could've used better animation though, but I've seen worse. xD
    Cilan freaking the siblings out, geeking out over Prism Tower, revealing he's a Tower Connoisseur and calling out Clemont on his fishing device,
    and Clemont over panicking on the thought of Bonnie getting in a train accident = LOL. xD
    It is decent if you pretend the fanbase doesn't exist. xD
    Yeah. xD
    Yep, I wanted to see Cilan fanboying over Ash's reserves at Professor Oak's lab. xD
    Agreed on that, too. But that said, I do think XY is still at least Top 4 or Top 5-tier series, wise. xD
    Still my least favorite female lead, but I still low key wish she could've met Dawn and/or Iris. xD
    The only thing I'm really salty about is that Iris and Cilan didn't go to Pallet Town with Ash which was initially
    their original reason for going to Kanto with him. They could've parted ways when he decided he was going to Kalos. xD
    I know, talk about a waste of a good bike. xD
    "no need to worry"

    I'm with KG and JPRPT98. PN2000, Dein and Sergi find it to be trash but I dunno,
    aside from maybe one or 2 tracks, SM's dub music is actually decent and much better than XY's. xD

    Lol, yeah Misty was only good in her Side Story episodes, Mid-Late Johto when she was in the hands of AT and then AG. xD
    LMBO at her screaming when the CoTD asks to date her. xD
    I think they're funny as well, but Misty was a bit harsh to Psyduck at times, you have to admit. :p
    I like quoting/backing up your posts btw, it's always fun lol. XD
    Ikr? It's like Psyduck is mocking or laughing at her, but in a cute way lol. xD
    Mhmm. :3
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