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  • No idea. Don't remember. xD
    Just rewatched Pegasus and Kaiba's Live Duel. xD

    "I activate Mirror Force! This card stops your attack and destroys all of your monsters!" - Pegasus

    "MY BLUE-EYES ARE GONE!!" - Kaiba

    "I just destroyed all 5 of your monsters with a single card! No wonder Yugi-boy loves this Trap Card so much!" - Pegasus
    Ah I see. From what part of USA do you come from? I mean USA is a pretty large place lol.
    I recommend it, its pretty entertaining if your into action and adventure. Although acting was a bit shallow, but eh that's mostly the case with blockbusters.

    Fair enough. Where do you stand with May and Misty though?
    Yeah. xD
    Agreed. His acting's fine. xD
    Kinda, in comparison to the other series' original versions, anyway.
    The other seiyus definitely stepped up their game in the Japanese Version of DSoD IMO, though. xD

    Speaking of which, after seeing the Japanese Version... I honestly like both. I think the dub has a better score though
    when it comes to music placement.
    I definitely prefer the remix of Transformation over the Japanese track that plays when Atem wrecks the Millennium Ring. xD
    Axis would've been a much better choice for that moment, tbh. xD
    I've seen bits and pieces of the Japanese Version... eh, I still prefer the dub and its dub cast. xD
    Honestly, I actually don't like Kaiba's Japanese Voice. The acting's fine, but the voice sounds a bit too old and rough for a mid-teenager IMO. xD
    Aside from Yugi's seiyu, Hiroki Takahashi (Joey), Rica Matsumoto (Bakura) and Junko Takeuchi (Mokuba),
    everyone else sounds like they're underacting/reading off of a script, but that's just me. xD
    I see. If I were to guess, it probably plays during Yugi VS Yami Marik too at some point after he persuades Yami Yugi to let him take over. xD
    Agreed. xD
    Ikr? I Got a Victory Badge is love. I Got a Victory Badge is life. xD
    It plays in AG when May defeats Drew at the Indigo Grand Festival. xD
    Yep, Ending of the Battle. xD
    This track plays in the Japanese Version when Yugi breaks down and enters his Heroic B.S.O.D
    after he realizes Yami Yugi would go to the lengths of winning a Duel even if it took indirectly killing Kaiba to do it,
    and it plays in Friends Till The End (Part 4) when Yugi sacrifices himself to save Joey from drowning, and in The Darkness Returns (Part 4) when
    Joey's Disney Death transpires. xD

    Yeah. along with SM020 being an Ash and Pikachu episode in the same year as the anime's 20th Anniversary.
    Speaking of which, still waiting on BW-XYZ's BGM, The Pokémon Company. xD
    At least we'll still most likely get M20's BGM. xD
    Yeah. Apparently, Roger Callagy (a new Voice Actor) is Rotom Dex's dub voice. xD
    Huh. So Bouncool evolves at Level 18, and Mallow's evolved in the 18th episode of SM. xD
    Like Jay says to the coffee lady at the wall, "if it wasn't for lies, we wouldn't get any news at all" That's what's been going with the dub lol. XD
    Even this guy doesn't believe it, and he's the greatest scientist of the 20th century!!

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