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  • Yeah. xD
    True. xD
    Indeed. That never gets old. I thought he was gonna get replaced when BW ended, but then I realized (much to my relief) that he lost the Unova League. xD
    I'm pretty sure Ash is gonna win 1 or 2 more leagues until the anime ends. xD

    Awesome. I Duel while listening to DSoD version of Passionate Duelist. xD
    As previously stated, this song makes Dueling feel so epic. xD
    Probably not. I think they'll do this at the start of a new series though when Generation VIII's anime comes out. xD
    Maybe. Unless all of Season 20 gets aired in a bomb format. It takes the dub about a year to air a Season weekly, but with Season in a nonstop bomb format, it takes about 2 1/2-3 months to finish it as seen with Season 17. xD
    Yeah, 1 or 2 more dub seasons to go. The PAD will be ranting about Ash being in the next series again, before we know it.
    Hopefully with him still in this art style just to piss people off. xD
    Yeah, unless they still wanna air the first half of Season 20 in bomb format. xD
    Because we don't know if that's actually the reason or not, thus, it's only a theory/speculation. xD
    Yep. Meanwhile in Japan, depending on how long Gen VII is, Season 20 could almost halfway over.
    each dub season these days is around 40-48 episodes at max and the Japanese Version has 21 episode slots revealed already (21 x 2 = 42). xD
    Finally. Now if only Disney XD could get in on the action. Dunno why they're apparently airing the entirety of Pokémon the Series: XY.
    Since Teletoon's starting Pokémon the Series: Sun &Moon now, this clearly means that the "networks waiting on TPCi to dub a certain amount of episodes" theory has been debunked. xD
    Yeah, I know what time noon is lol. I was just saying that it's a bit weird to be airing it at that specific time, that's all. :3
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