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  • I can actually see that now... manga wise. Joey's 16 and Mai's 24. That's a 8 year age difference. xD
    Lol, but at least that means she was cool with hanging out with Yugi and co who were all in their mid teenage years. xD
    [Lmbo, that's a relief. xD]
    3 more days until Lana's episode airs. xD
    And Kazuki says they're only "bffs" in the manga universe. Right... xD
    [Lol was it a warning from the mods, though? Be careful. The don't take kindly to that. That's why DarkLucarioADV sticks to PMs now and keeps his VMs off. xD]
    Yeah, and it was practically confirmed in DOMA... only for her to say she'll return to Joey someday but she's not ready just yet. xD
    If you say so. Lmbo. xD
    If there was a whole FILLER centered around this, then yup NAS so shipped Joey/Mai with Serenity even saying Mai's like another sister to her. Lol. xD
    Nice way to get suspended/expelled. xD
    Yup. xD
    Nah, he's taking shots at Mai just to be mean. xD

    "You're the best, Joey!" - Mai

    "You could've married a movie star!" - Joey

    "Ha! If I did that, I wouldn't be able to kick your butt in the Finals now, would I?" - Mai

    "Plus, if you ever DID get married, you'd drive your husband crazy!" - Joey

    *Mai drops Joey to the ground*
    Yeah. xD
    Now I'm rewatching Battle City. xD

    "Mai is so cool! I wanna be just like her when I grow up!" - Serenity

    "Well if your definition of "cool" is having a loud mouth, a really mean disposition and walking around acting
    like you're the greatest thing ever since cheese fries, then yeah, I guess you could say Mai's cool. I wouldn't, though!" - Joey
    Yup. xD
    Yeah. xD
    Then Lillie will most likely just becomes your Platonic Life Partner (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/PlatonicLifePartners) instead. xD

    Lol, I'm listening to Ash's character interview. VT's the best! xD

    "Okay, Ash we've been getting a LOT of questions about this and... Are you and Misty an item yet?" - Dennis

    "EEEEEEEEWWWWW! AHHH! You know... AAAAHH! No!!" - Ash

    "What?!" - Dennis

    "NOOO!" - Ash

    "Come on, Ash!" - Dennis

    "I mean don't get me wrong, Misty's a great friend of mine,
    and she's been GREAT to travel with but... *shudders* Eeeew... NO.... WAY." - Ash

    "Oh, I see, you've got a thing going on with MAY!" - Dennis

    "NO! We are friends but no, DEFINITELY not!" - Ash

    "Come on, man, that's some big pimpin', right there!" - Dennis

    "Come on, you're really grossing me out..." - Ash

    "Come on, man!" - Dennis

    Ash (to himself): "I don't know why people are still obsessed with this..."

    "It's BECAUSE you're the next Brad/-Jolina, or Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, come on,
    you guys were the original couple!" - Dennis

    "I... guess... you can think whatever you want, but no way." - Ash

    "Okay, Ash, we'll MOVE ON." - Dennis

    "Okay! Hey, let's talk about battles or something else!
    Girls? HA! Forget about it!" - Ash
    Yeah, B1W1 is perfection, imo. xD
    Minus a few game mechanics I didn't really care for and a couple of wasted potential story elements, SM could've almost been as good as BW. xD
    The only reason I say Gyms > Island Trials is that I hate that Totem Pokémon
    can call an ally for help to gang up on you, and you can't capture any Wild Pokémon you
    encounter after a Trial starts. But short of that, they're still fun nonetheless. xD

    Lillie/Sun = OTP. xD
    You're gonna like her in the climax of the game.Trust me. xD

    This game hints that we're either getting Sun & Moon 2,
    the next game will be in Kanto, or we're getting another remake. xD
    I found a larger version of that image (which it turns out is a screenshot from a video). Ash isn't there, unfortunately, but it turns out Pikachu isn't the only "ornament" on the Christmas tree: check out the other "ornaments." I'm so tempted to make a holiday signature banner out of that. ^O^
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