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  • Crap. xD
    Thr previous one was good though. I still prefer Eileen Stevens, but Iris' Generations VA was actually GOOD. She was voiced by Lucy's VA from the Fairy Tail anime Dub. xD

    Right? xD
    Since the title is "Popplio, Do Your Balloonest!", I'm guessing we'll get Lana VS TR.

    Wonder how the gang will react to meeting TR in the 1 hour special. xD
    That's true. I guess I'm hoping for Serena with a ponytail to appear, since that's my fav hairstyle for her besides the short hair. :D
    Yeah, I agree. :x I wanted to see Hilda or Rosa in the BW episodes. :( Oh well. Hopefully we get to see Serena when they get to XY.
    Hey :) I'm about to check out Pokemon Generations. I have a habit the past year or so of coming here Wednesdays looking for news on XY/Z episodes...I keep forgetting we are in the SM era now, lol. D:
    Lol at least you can always watch it online at some point. xD
    Yup. xD

    SM005 - Popplio, Do Your Balloonest!
    Screenplay by Astuhiro Tomioka
    Air Date: December 1, 2016

    The Pokémon School holds an extracurricular lesson in the form of a fishing tournament from the top of Sea Ride Pokémon! And the teacher is Lana, who loves Water Pokémon.

    Since Ash doesn't have a fishing rod, he and Lana head to her house so he can borrow one from her.
    They drop by a beach on their way, where Lana and Popplio tell Ash about their dream.
    And then the day of the extracurricular lesson finally arrives. But as the group is fishing,
    a mysterious shadow appears with its eyes fixed on the Water Pokémon!

    Rodger Parsons (Narrator)
    Sarah Natochenny (Ash)
    Ikue Otani (Pikachu)
    Laurie Hymes (Lillie)
    Jessica Paquet (Mallow)
    Rosie Reyes (Lana)
    Alyson Rosenfeld (Sophocles)
    Marc Swint (Kiawe)
    Marc Thompson (Principal Oak (???))
    Abe Goldfarb (Professor Kukui)
    Carter Cathcart (James/Meowth)
    Michele Knotz (Jessie)
    Ikr? xD
    That makes three of us. Less than 24 hours until SM003-004. xD
    Ikr? But to be fair, Z-Moves are OP in the games, too.
    Lol at its face though when Pikachu and Ash pull it off. It's like "OH CRAP!" and quickly enters its defense position to avoid getting wrecked. xD
    Yup. xD
    Unless his account was a few infraction points away from being banned. xD
    He said he once got busted for pretty much saying OS >>>>>>>>>>> AG-present
    as a FACT. Smh xD

    Lol, Janovy loved SM001-0002, SM Ash and the entire cast. xD
    Smh at the ash-grenjnja user. He's salty that Aah didn't wreck
    Tapu Koko with Gigavolt Havoc. Dude, Tapu Koko is a GUARDIAN DEITY for Arceus' sake. Lmbo. xD
    That's one con, imo on that note. Capturing anything is kind of a pain in the butt because they can call allies, now. xD

    He brought this upon himself if that's the case. There was no reason to make another alt.
    His PN2000 account was prefectly unbanned until the mods permabanned it when he was caught being ErenJay. xD
    Ikr? Poor Tyrone, that must've sucked SO badly. xD

    Huh... I dunno... this guy hasn't been talking about the dub in every single post,
    and even while here, PN2000's alts are still prone to saying Sarah has "chainsmoker"
    and on top of that on 4chan, he said EVERY voice in the SM dub was garbage. -____- xD
    this guy likes Samson's voice, unless this he's lying. xD

    What I find odd was that I do remember is that this account was created almost immediately
    after TruthTalker got permabanned. Hmm... xD
    Lol if PN2000 actually dumbed his layout and posting pattern down to this state to try to hide his identity. xD
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