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  • We have so many characters right now, it's just going to be hard for everyone to get screentime I think. Even if they appear only for 2 min, that's a lot of time imo.
    Well I didn't really watch BW, so I can't comment on that, but it was a lot nicer these first 2 episodes of SM w/out them.
    And don't get me started on Marc Swint or whoever voices Kiawe in the dub. His VA is hands down awesome. xD
    Lmbo. Alolan Dugtrio's memes are hilarious. There's one of the male protagonist putting his arms around one
    on a bench with the back of its head looking like it's a girl from behind, but then it's revealed that he's just chilling with his Alolan Dugtrio. xD

    Which reminds me, I should get back to playing. I'm about to leave the first island. xD
    For some reason, I almost keep forgetting the game's out because Generation VI ended so quickly. xD
    Seriously though, I agree with your speculation about Lillie, Sophocles, and Lana being the background characters.
    Mallow seems like the main companion in SM, which is ok by me since she's my favorite so far. :D
    [I think so too. The cast is much bigger. I'm very curious to see who the beat female lead will end up being. I have high hopes for Mallow. We'll see, though xD]
    Yeah, it's kind of a long story, but pointless in the end because nothing ever changed.
    Ash should be a background character so we can watch Lana, Lillie, and Mallow. xD
    In a way I didn't. I used to get into a lot of arguments with my teachers in high school about it, but when it came time for exams/midterms, I'd always get A's and B's. However, my overall grade would suffer because homework counted toward it, hence the arguments. Then when I went to college, it was the same bs but worse, which is why I quit going after year.
    I'm sorry, that didn't come out right lol. I meant I never did homework for school because I was opposed to it, so I never experienced the annoyance of it.
    [That was the biggest issue with him in XY. He took too much screen time. Clemont, Bonnie and Serena were always thrown to the side. I know Ash slappy's in PAD will say Ash is the main character blah blah blah. Well, that doesn't mean he should hog the spotlight 24/7. There's other characters on the show. Things need to be kept balanced. Look at shows like DBZ lol. They did a good job balancing things out. Sure Goku always beat everyone most of the time, but for the most part the show did everyone good as far as story and development goes]
    Yes, because it makes me feel like a idiot when I do it lol.
    I never did homework in school, so GL with that. xD
    I know, I wonder if the staff will add more XY/Z avatars.
    I know it can be hard to keep positive after seeing so much hate. I was a big Dawn fan on these forums back in the DP days when I was a mod of PAD. :x Dawn wasn't liked as much as May, and a lot of people didn't like the outcome of Dawn vs. May battle in the Wallace Cup. All of the hate annoyed me so much back then. D:
    Omg that's getting so annoying when I accidently post on my own profile instead of conversation lol
    Yup. xD
    Nearly everyone else did as well going by Rottten Tomatoes' numbers.
    Heck one of the critic reviews on the DVD covers literally says "Perfect may be an understatement." xD

    Lol. Good thing he's getting Episode 6. I love his dub voice so far. Even if a woman's voicing him,
    he sounds like a kid and his voice actually fits him. xD
    That's what I love about the Gen VII cast so far. The Trial Captain and Kukui's voices and the Team Skull Grunts voices
    actually fit them naturally.
    And while Sarah will never be Veronica, she has pretty decent chemistry with the new cast, imo. xD

    And PN2000 says Lisa is worse than Wayland in the voice director department. Pfft. xD
    Your welcome. xD
    Offensive line imo is the most important, defensive being 2nd. Usually when building a solid team, that's where the building/starting process begins. A great QB can hide a lot of issues, but it eventually catches up him and the team in the end. I've personally seen it with the Cowboys over the years.
    Thanks. :D I like yours too. :D
    BTW, I'm sorry for all the Serena hate that you've been seeing. I do think people unnecessarily hate on the girls way too much, especially at the end of their run. :/
    Until he makes yet another alt with another ridiculous name. xD
    Yup. xD

    According to the animation news site where I found the Cars 3 teaser trailer,
    they gave Finding Dory a 2/10 in their review deeming it to be a major disappointment.
    But it got a Certified Fresh rating of 94% out of 100% and a 86% out of 100% from Audience Reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. xD
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