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  • Ikr? What do they know? xD
    Yeah, he was the only Duelist in the anime and manga that could defeat him. He genuinely says that Yugi is an amazing Duelist at the end of the movie and accepts him as a rival too, though. xD

    Yugi almost beat him on his own before Aigami interrupted their Duel. xD
    Yeah, reports say the hardcore DM fans and teens-Adult audience loved it but the kids thought it was boring as heck because there weren't a lot of Duels.
    I meant that in the "cruel" phrasing of messed up. I wanted to see Atem and Kaiba's rematch, but I'm not that salty about it.
    As previously stated, 99/100 for me from the summaries alone. xD
    Yeah, screw the Japanese kids who wanted a 2 hour and 10 minute Dueling convention. xD
    That would've been awesome all on its own, but this was fantastic. xD

    Yeah, most likely
    Lol. xD]
    Me too. I wanna see it so badly... 2 hours and 10 minutes in that glorious animation? With two of the most epic Voice Actors in the anime dub industry? xD
    Smh if Rotten Tomatoes craps all over it because:
    1) It's not a Miyazaki film like Spirited Away or Howl's Moving Castle
    2) It's the dub
    3) They don't get the plot

    [Yup, as long as the toys and games sell well, the anime will do just fine. xD
    Plus The Online Community doesn't = THE ENTIRE fanbase. And besides most of the Online Community is probably out of the target demographic. xD
    Good thing I'm never joining there, then. xD ]
    There could have been so many things they could have done... if Showcases return, I hope they will get an "upgrade" and become much better.
    [The beginning of what? The anime? Because there was clear progression throughout all OS and AG, as well as some progression in DP. However, BW messed things up, and XY barely managed to compose itself back to a relatively normal state. They essentially just put different spices on an otherwise same dish, but people at some point grow tired of eating the same dish, even if it has different flavors. And they must get it. All businesses know that, so why the anime staff refuses to actually create a good story like in the older times?]
    Best Friday, ever. xD

    [ If there's 2 things I hate, it's League Outrage, and the other fans getting worried that the anime's gonna get canceled or something. -____-
    Like it or not, ladies and gents. When a new Gen comes, there will always be an anime to promote it.
    As previously stated, the anime is only in trouble if the games/toy lines sell terribly.

    And the ratings dipping doesn't mean a thing. The highest scoring Japanese episode is The Flame Pokémon-athon! and no episode since then has been able to reach its score. By this "logic" (I use that term very losely), that would mean the JPN audience would think EVERY SINGLE episode is garbage if ratings meant how well episodes are received.

    The ratings just show how many people watched the episode live on TV. Nothing more, nothing less.

    I guess, but they could have easily done some other kind of competition. Like a treasure hunt one, for example.
    [Still doesn't mean that they can't innovate. The popularity of the show is dropping after each generation, so they should finally heed the warning and do something. Playing safe can go that far.]
    Yeah, at least we got the confirmation of Dan and Eric returning. xD

    [Cress seems like she's still salty. xD
    The New Audience thing is still relevant and besides, no one in Japan still hate Satoshi himself, as much as the online community does, they're just disappointed that he lost. Being disappointed is not the same as being pissed off though. xD

    The canceling SM preorders is mostly from the US fanbase. Which is still a stupid reaction either way. xD]
    I personally loved the concept, but felt that a few of them were a bit repetitive. Namely the baking competition. Why make it twice?
    [Terrible way of thinking. Don't they know about word of mouth? People could simply say to other people to not follow the show, essentially boycotting it. Heck, they are already doing so by cancelling the preorders of SuMo, so it wouldn't be too strange. The excuse of the new generation is old and overused, since it is evident how older guys care about the show as well.]
    Dan Green's 18!Year-Old Yugi voice is awesome. Still sounds like Yugi albeit, slightly deeper and with Atem's confidence. xD
    Pokémon the Series: Sun and Moon, TDSoD English Dub, Disney D23 2017 Expo, and maybe Kingdom Hearts III? Bring it on, 2017. xD
    Pretty much. I wouldn't mind a more refined version of Showcases. I actually liked them. :3
    [Well, I hope the backlash will be a good lesson for them. Stop trolling the audience, people!]
    Yup. It was a given anyway seeing as they got Crow's original dub VA to return for Arc-V ever since the whole Tom Wayland fiasco. xD
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