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  • Yea agreed, Psyduck is just perfect the way it is.
    That could work and than she joins Ash for next regioin to catch all new water pokemon and learn new things, compete in water themed events and work on becoming E4 member of water pokemon(make sense since E4 are type masters).
    It would be dream come true lol.

    As for Kalos league if only World Tournament happened getting covered in big arc. When BW failed to do that.
    For all we know she could have done that letting hair down. Especially under influence of her older sisters talking her in going to hair dresser, change outfit etc. I imagine she would yell and be grumpy about it, never beng thrilled about such ideas. I still remember being pouty and annoyed when Daisy wanted her to play mermaid role in Luvdisc episode, hehe.

    It would be amazing to see her in new outfit(style), some of her older pokemon evolved(lol imagine Psyduck evolving in Golduck not changing oner bit) and new ones she caught. Mega evolve her Gyarados, go on quest to develop more sophisticated techniques meeting other experts like Wallace or E4 Siebold learning how to become water master. Enter tournaments showcasing how much she improved and learn new things about her going on new adventure.
    Not to mention that way meeting Serena would be pretty much guaranteed.:)
    Kinda, times have changed though. Misty used to be most popular with May coming close second. Serena hated? But amourshipping is brutally dominating over all other ships and on polls she is usually second in popularity right after Dawn. Such as in favorite companion thread. Even when there is speculation about new generation i encounter big support for Serena staying in cast continuing on next region.

    Of course if there was poll between Dawn coming back as main character or Serena staying, i have no doubts majority would be for sequel of Dawn story.xd

    p.s. Now that you mentioned it, thats true i guess. At least there is less monitoring over people posts not having to choose carefully words or be worried over their opinions being attacked. In case they express desire about wanting to see Misty back or listing why they like her.

    So in that aspect situation became more pleasant and peaceful. :)
    I see, yea i would probably do same in your case. ;)

    On Dawn opinions are usually positive. On Misty? Eh not so much, support for her character, anything related to her(like shipping) and any idea of coming back have never been so low as its now. But than again huge number of her fans and those who appreciated character and value she had left this sites. So many people i knew and met haven0t come for years on here or bulbagarden(literally).
    That and 10 years of absence caused many to lose any hope stopping to care all around.
    Sorry i was distracted yesterday not noticing message until today.
    Hmm its more sadistic pleasure than anything else lol.:p Because amount of May praising and Dawn, Brock, Misty(especially her)bashing and downgrading is very high. Offering all kind of character degradation.

    But in general any thread named Misty or Dawn in more modern times on Serebii or Bulbagarden will provide what your searching for. Especially threads asking for former character return with answers as always being highly negative.
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