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  • I still laugh at the salt from the fanbase of Iris winning the first one. It was still an even match.
    Either Ash or Iris coulda won that if Ash stuck with his Iron Tail strategy. xD

    Yep. That sucks. And I'm renewing my Disneyland Resort Annual Passport to boot which means I'll be able to get into
    Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park for another 150 days with the tier i'm getting. xD
    Yep. I kinda wish Ash won one of 'em though after his reset wore off. xD
    But I didn't mind Iris winning the first one. xD

    Welp, the cast of DuckTales (2017) is going to be at Disneyland Park on May 12, 2018 to do a Live Table Reading of a DuckTales episode for Disney Channel Fest... and I can't go. Gosh gang it. xD
    But that said, I do hope SM or the next series brings back Battle Tournament arcs like BW. Those were great. xD

    Yep, I've actually seen these complaints being thrown around. Smh -_____- xD
    And I've seen SM haters say SM Ash doesn't train. Uh, yes he does, but he's in school.
    His Pokémon train themselves at home, and he trains if he has a day off of school. Idiots. xD
    Lol. That would be cool, but Lillie would probably need a full team, and she said in the Aether arc
    that she isn't very good at battling. xD

    Ash winning would probably tick off the XY stans though because y'know, Ash is "reset"
    because he has a whimsical personality, and "SM is the worst series ever even topping BW."
    "If James wins the Alola League, I'll QUIT Pokémon. The anime, the games, the manga, all of it!" - Tyronethegod3

    Not gonna lie though, TR using Bewear in a battle would actually be awesome. We have no idea what its moves are. xD

    Anywho, they think the Alola League contestants will be Ash, Gladion, James/Jessie, maybe Kiawe, maybe Professor Kukui,
    and Hau if he shows up in SM at some point. xD
    Yeah. xD

    "You see TR with 5 Pokémon getting bodied by Ash who's about to win, but then freaking Bewear shows up!" - KG

    "Fills their 6th slot. One shots Pikachu. Then Greninja returns." - JPR

    ""Hey, Ash! I've taken a break from my weedwacker duties to-- ACK!!", then he gets one shot by Bewear!" - Tyrone

    "Solgaleo comes down from the sky, then he gets one shot by Bewear..." - JPR
    Pipbuneary's club is so fun :3 I'm glad she allows talk about dawn shippings in it too.

    How are you?
    Lol. KG and co. are discussing potential Alola League participants. Lol if this is the one series where James actually
    does compete in a league now that Team Rocket are Z-Ring users. xD
    And this is why I don't get sports. Who woulda thought that inanimate objects
    like a baseball in this case could cause so much chaos? Chill guys. It's just a game. xD
    Ikr? He also likes This Dream and that's about it.
    But I dunno. Don't get me wrong, This Dream IS good, but I think Unbeatable is the best AG Dub opening. xD
    Yeah. These guys are hilarious. xD
    But I'm not gonna lie, while Pokémon Theme is good, Pokémon Johto is the best OS Dub opening imo. xD
    Nice. xD
    *Tyrone boots up Pokémon Crystal*

    "It's a whole new world we live in, it's a whole new way to see!
    It's a brand new place with a brand new attitude!
    But you still gotta catch 'em all and be the best that you can be! Pokémon Johto!" - Tyronethegod3

    "I saw that coming from a mile away..." - KGPrestige
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