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  • I watch all of em eventually, since I made it a thing to give reviews and update that list. Although the more boring ones I watch at 1.5 speed or FF (such as Rocket battles sometimes).
    It's on the home page for Serebii. Lugia, Palkia, Giratina, Dialga, Kyurem and Arceus are all in M18. They'll be joining Shining Rayquaza, Kyogre, and Groudon in the featured Legendary list.
    Then off to Daiso! xD
    Oh then shouldn't be too bad. In fact, I don't mind it at all! xD I still hope it grows slightly longer eventually though.
    Look at Pikachu's face in the same frame. We know what happened. Evil Pikachu drained her of her soul xD
    What a coincidence. Looks like we did something at the same time in the opposite faces of the world- taking a shower xD Good luck finding it! xD
    Shoulder length huh? That doesn't sound too bad, at least to see for a while. Is it like the kid Serena's hairstyle?
    LOL that's why I avoid zooming into that picture xD Looks like a female Slenderman. LOL
    Eh. I just got up, had my breakfast and all xD
    Really? How long is her hair? xD That's all I am interested in. LOL
    Yeah. I agree with you 100%

    It's just the dang silhouette that got me scared about her redesign. I had thought the writers really went too far.
    We still don't know why she even cut her hair at all. I think it's probably bc of a bad debut for Serena. Maybe she went out in the first round?
    It was something that was supposedly "leaked" by some magazine or something, but KG warned everyone that well speculating this theory, that it could be false, and it was. Good riddance, theory! XD

    He and 2 other YT users, Tyronethegod3 and Dein were discussing what could lead into Serena changing her design and are wondering maybe if she actually lost during the first stage ala Dawn's latter contests in DP.
    Yeah this is what I meant by the previews. She has sort of a tie on I think? I also see the fedora and the haircut for sure. And that Braixen :3

    Tbh her redesign is actually pretty good. She still looks nice if not nicer than before. She sort of looks like Aria I guess, with the tie and the different colors? Maybe that's what she's going for with this new design? This is why I'm so hyped for tomorrow!
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