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  • That's good, I guess XD. Looks like it, maybe slightly more redish, althrough that could just be the animation.
    Yup, seems that way.

    I mainly want to see her lower half, to see if the skirt will be as bad as people say :p
    looking out the window and the sky is red! ima take photo and show u. nvm bad quality. This is in the west-midlands.
    and naybe the new pattern for captures could be something like fighting, dark, psychic or something XD
    It's true. XD
    Besides, TS said on his blog apparently that he hated Misty by Johto because he had ran out of ideas for her.
    Tomioka saved her IMO by the Whirl Cup, even if that didn't do TOO much, at least it actually gave Misty *GASP!*SOMETHING TO DO! XD
    Yeah, I saw. This series should be very interesting by the time it's over. Might not be long either because it looks like we could be saying bye-bye to Gen VI in Fall 2016, IMO.

    KG's videos are actually pretty good, he does know what he's talking about, save for when he rambles, it's just that sometimes fans here take his speculations as something official that is guaranteed to happen for some reason, but he's just speculating. XD
    i saw people talking about that on forums too. From what i saw on the forums i think it's just a miss-understanding with him joking around about stuff.
    "Wait, Ash. I think Dawn needs to be alone for awhile..." - Zoey
    *Dawn runs outside and screams in agony*

    ^ Nice, Zoey. You just saved Ash from getting his ears screamed off. ^ XD

    I think 132's overreacting. So what if other shows use older characters, not saying that it's a completely bad thing and couldn't hurt,
    but that doesn't mean this anime has do the same and jump on that bandwagon.
    Besides, I think this is just Japan having a "nostalgia overload" phase that they'll get out of eventually. XD
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