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  • [Sorry I forgot to show you the description that goes with it, that's the only way it'll make sense.]
    I dont know whether to laugh or cry at this statement. Sad how Serena became laughing stock among fandom being viewed as shipping object and cliched damsel in distress, wife material. But im not surprised by mostly negative connotations since its bizarre and very unusual to see female character get sich trivial role in anime for nearly 40 episodes.

    People say how Misty was background in Johto? Compared to Serena even in worst days Misty showed much more personality, vivid nature, battled, entered events and got incolved in several episodes. Only to get better over time when Master Quest started.

    Fact how she didnt even had one proper battle, got little to none growth, still only has Fennekin, dont take action or desire to be involved in several plots where she could be of help in more meaningful way in episodes disappoints me. Hopoefully if that preview of Serenas riding Rhyhorn helping Diancie in upcoming movie is something to go by she may have some prominence there.
    [ Lol, so how was it? XD
    Lol, is it about him asking you if you'd want to be somebody's waifu? XD ]
    I still haven't seen that one, I did like the BW one though.
    [Somebody got me pissed enough to make this image:]
    [Oh well don't look forward to anything Froakie does in the next few episodes. lol
    You back yet? xD]
    [ Dawn and May >>>>> Every other girl on Pokémon
    Lol, I feel cold too XD
    What kinda job is it and what's with the "Fml"? XD ]
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