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  • Wow just checked out your list for favorite, least favorite series and characters. Never thought you didn't liked Misty in chronicles and Hoenn,thats surprise to me. You learn something new every day.

    Than again you dont seem to like her in Johto either for some weird reason thinking she "had no personality" so its not that surprising.

    p.s. Are you a guy or a girl? I could have sworn you presented yourself as guy until now. Or your just trying to trick others with this. :p
    Viola would have made sense. Ash could have beaten her and Viola's goal could have been to become a Grand Duchess in the Chateau. She has an extremely outgoing personality, we know one of her relatives, she could have been the older member of the group, and unlike Bonnie, she could have had a goal. Korrina could work, too, but I worry that if her arc is any indication, Lucario would take away a lot of screen time from Clemont and Bonnie.

    Yeah, me, too. Rivals work well when they are competitive with each other.
    Yeah, definitely. Considering how popular Drew is, they should have taken that route.

    Yeah, rivals add a lot to the show and I don't like how up until this point, we haven't had main rivals introduce. If Shauna, Tierno, and Trevor end up as flops, this show is in huge trouble.
    Yes, it is. So the only time Serena gets to battle is against TRio and even then she can't beat Meowth.

    If they were going to do that, though, it would work if Serena's like that to him because she's hiding her crush. I wouldn't want Amourshipping to be tossed out the window. Her as a female Drew would work.
    [ Why? XD
    But which one? I heard you liked Ash in AG more than Ash anytime afterwards lol XD
    So Advance then? XD ]
    [ You know what I meant right? XD
    Agreed. XD

    Also, which May shipping do you like better? Contest or Advance? XD ]
    [Don't let the Misty stans hear that. lol
    lol Does the red head remind you of Kushina? xD]
    It actually didn't win. Meowth countered Fennekin's attack and Aurorus went on to beat Meowth instead.

    I don't know if I'd want her to be a jerk.
    I wouldn't expect fanservice from a rival, seeing as Georgina didn't get it. But then BW had little of it so it's possible.
    A survey on some anime site said thomas and friends was a better anime than pokemon.

    I was pointing out why.
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