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  • Yeah.

    Man, I do have to admit that even though it's my second least favorite outfit, Ash's DP outfit is better than his XY outfit: Ash's DP hat is the most lame AG hat copy I've ever seen, and his collar is obviously a copy of OS Ash's...but then at least his vest with the yellow stripe was decent.

    Ash's XY outfit is just absolute sh*t, though: his hat is literally Red's (wow, that's unoriginal-- 5 generations passed, and you guys JUST NOW decided to give him this hat?), his outfit makes him look like a hipster, and his gloves are literally the same as the ones he wore in BW-- I'm appalled it has the most votes in the thread for the best outfit.
    Ash in DP...I do admit he was an excellent trainer, sure, but he didn't have the character or depth his OS or AG incarnations had, IMO: even his BW and XY incarnations have more personality than him, too, and I don't like them much myself at all.

    Brock + TR in DP are cancerously bad, 'nuff said-- they really dragged DP down.
    She was Good and I'm NOT The Biggest Fan of Michele Knotz as her but she was Ok in it, to me she got WAY WORSE Later that Season
    Thanks lol.

    [Dawn's voice fit her, though, IMO-- didn't sound too old: Emily Bauer is easily one of the best actresses in the entire TPCi English cast.]
    Well not denying that. But in Master Quest writers made step up with her battling, working toward her dream and being active in episodes more than ever. And in chronicles, Hoenn she was real badass, full of pride, confidence and rebellious attitude not taking crap from others in assertive way. Being outgoing, humorous, hotheaded and slightly timid. Imo Misty in chronicles and her AG appearances was really fun.

    Ah, i totally feel you man. Bonnie seems to me like female lead of Kalos saga too lol. She is much more active, tries all kind of things, has more of character than Serena so far with her curious, full of spirit nature and despite not being trainer you can feel her presence much more in episodes.
    That makes sense to me, man. Sarah Natochenny really ruined "Gathering the Gang of Four" for me-- I felt dirty watching those flashback scenes without Veronica Taylor for some reason...don't know why, but I felt so angry...as a kid, I was like, "You were NOT Ash there, so how dare you pretend like you remember that." xD.

    Yeah, man, I can't lie about that lol.

    Thanks. [IKR? That's not the voice I should hear out of a 10 y/o girl at all, though, obviously.]
    I don't mind your preferences, though, man: I just get bored with the obsession with Ash's battles these sagas-- I like it more when he demonstrates actual character and emotion than when he solely battles, though, so that's just me.

    No worries: May just sounds like a hooker to me the whole episode, so it kinda kills the emotion for me dubbed-- would've liked it more if Veronica Taylor voiced her there since her May sounds like a 10 year old girl lol.
    Michele Knotz's May is just too damn hot/sexy and old sounding for me-- I get uncomfortable listening to it haha.
    It was the one where they went to that town where everyone worshiped Maike (May) and Max, and they hated Ash just because he wanted to challenge Norman.

    I like all of Hoenn more than all of BF lol: Hoenn had a lot more emotion in it and was goofier/more funny as well-- I kinda prefer that kind of stuff to the more serious, flatter tone of BF, if that makes sense.

    BF was really hit or miss to me: we had some good eps like "Sweet Baby James" and "Time Warp Heals All Wounds" (I watched the latter Eng subbed in JPN a second time since I can't stand Michele's prostitute May voice even if it does sound hot and sexy as hell-- not right for a little girl to me lol), but for that we had absolute crap episodes like "Three Jynx and a Baby," "King and Queen for a Day," and "Strategy Tomorrow, Comedy Tonight!"

    Eh, BF and DP are some of my least favorite arcs, but that said, I do think they're both better than Da! and XY, for sure.
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